Очная форма обучения

  • количество учебных мест 20
  • место учебы Коувола, Финляндия
  • продолжительность обучения 4 года
  • Заявление должно быть подано через сайт Studyinfo.fi в период с 8 по 22 января 2020 г. (до 15.00 по финскому времени)



Выпусники программы Дизайна игр стремятся планировать и развивать индустрию компьютерных игр

Выпускники программы Дизайн компьютерных игр станут профессионалами в производстве онлайн игр с упором на разработку и развитие игр, а также на приобретение четкого понимания индустрии компьютерных игр. 

Ученая степень означает развитие компетенции и экспертных знаний через выполнение заданий на исследование и развитие в сферах дизайна онлайн игр и других областях, использующих 3D моделирование и анимацию, например в рекламе  и телевидении.

Базовые дисциплины обучают художественным и дизайнерским навыкам, методам дизайна и использованию профессиональных инструментов. Процесс обучения строится вокруг 3D моделирования, концептуального искусства, написания сценариев и механики игр. Различные концепции дизайна игр изучаются в рамках воркшопов, ведущих к мультидисциплинарным дизайнерским проектам в соотрудничестве с различными организациями.

Цель программы — развить компетенции глобального предпринимательства в сфере дизайна игр с практическим опытом и комплексным подходом к визуальным концепциям дизайна онлайн игр. Программа Дизайн игр дает возможность студентам из разных культур построить международную карьеру.

Узнайте более подробно о программе на английском языке

Widen your perspective

Xamk offers its students the chance to continue their postgraduate degree education into a Master’s Degree programme at the prestigious Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

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Game Design Application FAQ

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Finland is the happiest country in the world, again. The Global Happiness Report has ranked Finland first for the second year in a row.
What is the secret? Find out what Finland is all about: nature, an excellent education system, a welfare state and unique culture. Finland is a great place to study for international students.

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Study contents

Your knowledge as game designer will grow and the content of studies follow certain themes.

1st year you become familiar with the principles of game design, tools and software as well as project-based work.

Second year you develop and assimilate the skills of game design, game design research and visualization skills.

3rd year you internalize knowledge of game design and understanding of game business and development practices.

And last 4th year you develop personal competitiveness through independent development projects.

Meduusa Game Design Platform

We provide inspiring facilities to promote the creation of new game ideas.

Meduusa Game Design presents students with up-to-date equipment which will ease the development of new projects for various platforms.

In addition, we collaborate with the Degree Programme in Technology located in Kotka that focuses on game programming.

During the studies you will devise your own game projects with the aim of developing them into viable businesses in the future.

Teaching language is English and you have to write Thesis’s work also in English. In the Maturity test you demonstrate your contextual skills as well as Finnish language skills and those students whose native is not Finnish will be required to write the test in English.


Full-time and part-time studies


In full-time studies contact lessons are held during week days, normally five days a week. Learning methods include lectures, online studies and project-based learning.

Part-time studies learning methods include lectures, online studies, and project-based learning. There is on average three contact days per month, two days in a row every three weeks. Most of the studies will be completed online. Your progress is supported by online study counseling. The contact lessons are normally held during week days. Contact sessions are held mainly on Kouvola campus.

Career opportunities

Studies provide you the competence in global game design entrepreneurship with hands-on experience and a holistic approach to visual game design concepts.

Studies in Game Design enable you from different cultural backgrounds to build an international career.

The degree gives competence
through research and development assignments to become an expert in specific areas of game design and other fields which use 3D modeling and animation such as advertising and TV production.

You can become:

  • game designer
  • 3D-modeller of characters and environments
  • script writer
  • concept artist and
  • entrepreneur of game design business

Work with talented people from all over the world

If a person asks me about should he/she apply studying Game Design in Xamk, I would say if they are really interested in a dynamic learning environment, where they can enhance their skills in order to expand their career in the game industry, then yes, they won’t be disapointed.


Dinh Tuan Anh, student of Game Design degree programme

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Kouvola Campus

Welcome to Kouvola Campus

Study quide

Study contents

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Admission and entrance exams

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Further information on studies

Suvi Pylvänen
tel. +358 44 702 8354

Further information on applying

Admission office
tel +358 44 702 8752 or +358 50 312 5031

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