Очная форма обучения

  • количество учебных мест 25
  • место учебы Миккели, Финляндия
  • продолжительность обучения 4 года
  • Заявление должно быть подано через сайт Studyinfo.fi в период с 8 по 22 января 2020 г. (до 15.00 по финскому времени)

Раскрой свои сильные стороны и примени их, став будущим инженером информационных технологий

Программа Информационные технологии дает шанс стать одним из строителей будущего

Программа Информационные технологии формирует крепкую базу знаний информационных технологий и позволяет специализироваться в сфере Ваших интересов через дисциплины развития индивидуальных навыков. Благодаря данной методике, Вы можете раскрыть свои сильные стороны и применить их в качестве будущего инженера информационных технологий.

Обучение проходит на нашем современном и комфортабельном кампусе с применением новейшего ИТ-обородувания.

Преподавание осуществляется на английском языке. Большинство учителей — финны, что делает возможным и общение на финском языке.

Проходя обучение по программе Информационные технологии, Вы фокусируетесь на  построении компьютерной сети и сервисах внедрения в контексте современного центра обработки данных. Вы учитесь строить безопасные, связанные с интернетом проводные и беспроводные локальные сети.  Вы умеете управлять серверными платформами. Информационная и сетевая безопасность — важная часть нашей программы.  Навыки информационных технологий комплексно применяются в  системах Интернета вещей, и вы учитесь развивать и  создавать прототипы услуг, понимать их возможности в контексте глобального бизнеса.

Вы также учитесь программированию, что дает Вам возможность развивать и адаптировать услуги для Ваших нужд. Дисциплины и проекты по развитию индивидуальных навыков дают возможность индивидуализировать обучение в соответствии с Вашими интересами и умениями. Пример одного из таких проектов  MIDI интерфейс, разработанный Артемом Количенковым.

центры обработки данных | Интернет вещей | компьютерные сети

Узнайте более подробно о программе на английском языке

Structure of studies

The IT contents concentrates on network technologies and providing services with modern server environments and data centers. You gain the skills to design, build and administrate small and medium-sized business network environments and to implement security measures to them. Programming skills are also developed along the studies. In your final study year, you specialize in IoT systems and advanced topics according to your own interests. To reach these goals you also study some physics, electronics and mathematics with project management knowledge and skills.

We organize a large part of the studies through Microsoft and Cisco academies, which allows our students to get Microsoft and Cisco certifications. This is a valuable advantage when searching for a job in the IT market.

There are lectures, but also a lot of practical experiments in your studies. After some progress in studies you can also take part in research projects at Xamk and in other projects from working life. At its best your bachelor’s thesis relates to one of the projects commissioned by some company.

Your competences grow in steps while progressing in your studies. The studies are grouped into modules of usually three courses, and 15 ECTS credits, but there are also annual themes for each study year.

During the first year you are an active learner finding your best learning techniques and working life skills. You gain professional vocabulary in technical issues and learn basic programming skills. Courses in computer hardware, operating systems, networking and information security give a background to further develop technical knowledge.

During the second year you deepen your knowledge of networking and gain practical skills to design, install, configure and manage secure computer networks. You also get familiar with modern server and data center environments as well as start familiarizing yourself with the IoT systems. In addition, you develop your programming skills and gain important background knowledge in computer electronics and mathematics courses.

During the third year you combine all your knowledge together by implementing services and prototypes with IoT devices and servers. You also practice project management skills and have a chance to participate in various projects.

The fourth year is the time to complete your bachelor’s thesis. It is wise to start this 15 ECTS credit project early and it typically relates to working life. The practical training included in the studies can also be carried out at this time or earlier, for example, during the summer breaks.

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

Xamk has had a BYOD policy since the autumn of 2017. According to this policy new students starting studies at Xamk must bring and use their own devices on campus. However, in the Information Technology programme most of the studies are carried out in our modern computer class rooms with all the special hardware and applications needed. Read more.

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Study Guide

Study contents

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Admission and entrance exams

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Mikkeli campus

Welcome to Mikkeli Campus

Information Technology facilities

Career opportunities

The Information Technology programme gives you broad IT skills and allows specializing in an area based on your own strengths. This helps you to find their first job position.

The role of IT is constantly increasing in the daily life of humans. There is a strong demand for new types of smart systems to support daily routines and wellbeing. Especially the IoT environment is gaining popularity and is expected to change the current business.

Information technology is needed in all areas of business and this opens huge number of opportunities for an IT professional. Many of our students have found a job related to programming. Other common job options are for example server and data center administrators, implementation services, working in a modern cloud environment, designing and managing computer networks, building IoT environments and implementing services with them, or working in IT consulting.

Observis Trainee program

As an IT-student at Xamk you have the opportunty to take part in Observis Trainee program and receive work life based assignments, trainee positions and topics for your thesis. This path can also lead you to a more permanent position with Observis. Find out more.

Professional IT job positions are for example the following:

  • software developer
  • IT consultant
  • server administrator
  • network specialist
  • data architect
  • IT engineer
  • technical specialist
  • database administrator
  • software engineer
  • information system designer
  • data center specialist
  • IoT designer
  • project manager

Our graduates are highly valued and respected by employers.


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What is the secret? Find out what Finland is all about: nature, an excellent education system, a welfare state and unique culture. Finland is a great place to study for international students.

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Studies at Xamk

Xamk is the 5th largest university of applied sciences in Finland.

We provide education in eight fields of study, participate in research and development and provide services to the businesses and residents of the area.

Building computer networks

During my studies at Xamk I am learning things I can easily see myself using in my future professional life. Most of the courses combine theory with lots of labs and practical assignments, and you learn to put your knowledge to use.

Xamk also  attracted my attention by its emphasis on hands-on experience with hardware and building computer networks

Bogdan Moroz, student of Information technology degree programme

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Further information on studies

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