Food, Nutrition and Health Research Infrastructure/ Finland

Food, Nutrition and Health Research Infrastructure

European research infrastructure for health and nutrition, called the Research Infrastructure for Food, Nutrition and Health (FNH-RI)). Read more:

Web-page, Blog, Presentation of FNH_RI (Zimmerman)

With this infrastructure, Wageningen University & Research, in collaboration with various partners in a variety of projects, is creating a virtual environment in which information and data resulting from the research can be combined, harmonised, validated, compared and linked.


Helsinki Meeting

What it is for Finland? Could Finland be a partner in this european infrastructure? Fist meeting to discuss about these questions was arranged in Helsinki, 19th June, 2018


Next steps & information

The 2nd meeting is arranged in early August. The date and venue is announced soon.

New partners for FNHRI are accepted until 1st Dec. 2018.

Finland topic could be Fineli -databank. Topic issue is discussed in August.


More information:

Teija Rautiainen, research manager,, tel +358 400 872 759

Riitta Tuikkanen, principal lecturer,, tel +358 40 7723 385