Our Green Office teams have noticed that even during the Corona virus pandemic, there is plenty of litter around. Many people may need a new kind of sporty and safe free time activity during this time. An activity, which is also fun!

The team members brainstormed for a while and decided to invite everybody to participate in a rubbish run campaign, which will make Mother Nature happy as well. This plogging campaign takes place October 10-18. You can do it in your own style, alone or safely with a friend at a time that suits you.

Encourage others to participate and take part in our raffle

In order for this campaign to succeed in engaging other residents to start plogging, post pics of your best performances on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Use the hashtags #xamkvastuu, #xamkplogging and #plogging and remember to mention your city: #kotka, #kouvola, #mikkeli, #savonlinna or other city. Xamk Green Office will raffle Xamk product prizes among those who have posted pics.

Pick up at least one piece of litter, in your own style

You can pick up litter in different ways. Some like to run, some wander, walk or bike. You can pick up one piece of litter every day or maybe more at one go. Every piece of litter you pick up makes Mother Nature happy.

If you want to hone your own personal plogging style you can think of what kind of litter you want to focus on. You can collect all kinds of litter or maybe your litter is always weird, clean, useful, suspicious or not litter at all.

You need your own litter picking equipment

You need to have your own litter picking equipment such as waste bags and disposable or other work gloves.

Put the litter you collect in the trash. If you clean up your own yard or your neighborhood, take the litter to your garbage can. If you clean up a public area such as a park, you can leave the trash in a big garbage can in the park or in a can belonging to a nearby school or kindergarten.

Our goal is not to collect a large amount of litter, the primary objective is to create visibility for the litter problem and at the same time do a good deed in our own surroundings. However, if you are eager to collect a really large amount of trash, take it to a waste transfer station. Be prepared to pay a fee at the station.

Remember safety

Rubbish run is safe as long as we observe safety guidelines relating to the coronavirus and in general. Keep these in mind

  • Remember to keep a safety distance of 2 meters, irrespective of whether you participate alone, with a friend or in a group. If this is not possible, use a face mask.
  • Observe good hand and respiratory hygiene
  • Use a reflector or a forehead lamp if you go plogging when it’s dark

Green Office at Xamk

All Xamk campuses are part of the Green Office network. The goal is to make all campuses operate in a more sustainable way and to increase awareness of how everybody can make eco-friendly choices in their everyday lives. 

More information about Green Office and rubbish run:

  • Kotka: Olli Ervaala
  • Kouvola: Karoliina Saure
  • Mikkeli: Liisa Routaharju
  • Savonlinna: Tommi Pälli

E-mail: firstname.familyname@xamk.fi