My name is Laura, I am 22 years old and come from Germany. I am doing a traineeship at Juvenia and take part in the “Yhessä!” project for two months. I study “early childhood education” in Bielefeld. “Yhessä!” project tries to create a community atmosphere at schools and helps the students to know each other more easily.

At the project, I am planning and doing projects for pupils at different schools in Mikkeli or near to Mikkeli. I’ve already took part in different projects, like an art project or an introduction of the university to students from vocational school of Savonlinna. We also organise some pop up cafes where we just have an open ear for the topics of the pupils.

In Mikkeli, I am planning and doing some German games with the high school students who are learning the language. Here, we try to use the German language in a fun and relaxed way so that speaking is becoming more easy for the students. The students like these hours and they become braver to speak German free in front of other people.

There are also bigger events, like a future camp at one vocational school. Here, we are planning activities regarding the future of the pupils and how life will be like in 50 years. I am also working with other students of the Xamk University. Together we are planning and implanting these activities.

Last few weeks I gained varied experiences and got to know many different people. The work with the students of Xamk, the staff and the pupils is always great. The field of youth work is much bigger in Finland than in Germany. It is a great opportunity to use the theoretical things I’ve learned in my studies in practical work.

Living in South Eastern Finland is also very great. I like the colder weather, the nature of Finland and the finish lifestyle. I am staying here until the end of March and will just enjoy the rest of my stay here in Mikkeli and Juvenia!

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