Savostamo is a great website. However, all the material has been written only in Finnish so far. So, let’s get this lack of info corrected and welcome an English summary! Koulutusportti -project have  a pleasure to introduce our trainee Sofia who has been translating the most essential Savostamo facts also in English.

Sofia’s corner has been important part of Savostamo Instagram this spring. Check out the IG posts and see Mikkeli with the eyes of an exchange student.


Sofia’s corner – the blog edition

I am Sofia Fernandes and I came from Porto, Portugal to do my internship at Juvenia, in the last three months I have been working with the Savostamo website team and learning more about this wonderful project.

The Savostamo website has the aim to bring inspiration in education to youth in the region of Southern Savonia, to fight the misconception that this region has nothing to offer.


To do that, the website is divided into three main “worlds”:

· The first one is “Occupations in Demand!”, this is for the ones that are looking for career paths that give them employment right away. There is a great need for workforce in the Tourism, Gastronomy, and Hospitality sector. Companies are very happy to hire people with the right skills for the industry.

· Maybe your interest is in improving your skills and knowledge, for personal purposes, or for developing your career, either way, you can find courses that suit you in the “Develop your skills!”.

· If you are curious about what new professions will probably exist in the future, just have a look at “Explore the Future!”, and find out about new career paths that are to be considered.


Occupations in demand maailma erottuu vihreällä teemavärillään, Develop your skills pinkkinä ja Explore the future sinisenä.

Savostamo website is devided into three worlds. Each world has a specific theme colour.


Personally, I think once the website is up, it will be great for the city of Mikkeli and its youth, it is a good tool to research and find inspiration, making use of gamification so it’s intuitive, personalized, and fun for everyone who uses it.

I am grateful for being part of it. On one hand, I had the opportunity to see firsthand how creativity and innovation can help youth and bring new solutions for their future. On another hand, was great to develop my digital communication while working with Savostamo Social Media and learn from the team how to bring to life such a project.


Thank you for having me it was a pleasure,