Modernization – industrialization – urbanization

are we entering the world of -zation?

Yellow INNOVATION cat (picture by Sabine Suorsa)

According to Quora (2019), ”Modernization is a concept in the sphere of social sciences; that refers to process in which society goes through industrialization, urbanization and other social changes that completely transform the lives of Individuals.”

In a very positive way, we should emphasizes ”Modernization” is a way of new thinking and improvement of your life-style, new improved technologies, and in general get rid off some problems, which are effecting your daily life. Modernization is a continuous and open-ended process. Historically, the span of time over which it has occurred must be measured in centuries, although there are examples of accelerated modernization. In either case, modernization is not a once-and-for-all-time achievement. For some extent, modernization is also something to be worried about, cause of the fact that certain important items are simply forgotten. This might be overrated, but when it comes on technology the modernization is taking a dramatic speed ahead in to a generation, which we cannot overcome anymore, means we are getting way too fast supersaturated with the amount of offers on the market.

Revolution of -zation?

In most of the cases those -zation terms are related to technologies, which should support the life-style of many target groups. Our needs and demands for technology keep on rising, we use technology to travel, to communicate, to learn and to do business, but after all we use it to live in comfort. Technology impacts the environment, people and society in all kind of ways. The way who we are using technology can have a positive impact as well as a negative, on the society. A positive impact – we use corn to produce fuel, but if we think about the negative impact – large quantities of e.g. corn needs to fuel production from food production, so less food available. This devil circle is the fantastic impact of modernization combined with technology. But….

Technology has improved education and learning processes

Technology has improved communication

Technology has improved transportation

Model of twin campus as a positive impact

Those three important improvements in technology will be the positive impact in the project, which we will find technology solutions. Both organizations (ITMO university St. Petersburg) and Xamk are planning in building new campuses, in the near future. The idea of the project will be to build a BRIDGE in between those two new campuses. ITMO and Xamk have been proven in the past, that they are very promising cooperation partners; with the support of other project partner, new possible green technology solutions will be found.

It is important to remember the term ”Green Technology” and not put the term into an activist approach – green technology is surrounded by terms like: sustainability, innovation and viability as well as source reduction. Those terms are important to put under consideration nowadays, when focusing on technology. During the project, benchmark trips to places and universities which are supporting these terms will be organized, to get a better understanding of its possibilities.

Sustainability – meeting the new needs of society for a more future orientated living, by using natural resources in a more suitable way.

Innovation – meet new ways of technologies use them create new solutions and believe in – sky is the limit

Viability – create a economic activity around technology which are benefiting the environment and its implementation and creation of new solutions in many ways


Sabine Suorsa, Project Manager and RDI Expert



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