As I mention before, you will find yourself as a mentor in an international startup-mentoring program. The story and the project continues, in November we will travel to Nairobi – Kenya for another five days of mentoring.

May I introduce you to my fellows at

Chris Kaiser CEO and Co-Founder Bed n´Tree

My first impression about Chris was, that this young enthusiastic man with lots of passion and enthusiastic ideas. From beginning on I liked his idea, Bed n´Tree ( What does it do: every time you book a bed, we plant a tree, so each time you go to his page, directly to one of the links, like and you will be part of a wonderful idea to support the environment and to make an impact.

More impressed and touched I was by his story, about the wonderful little elephant named HaHa. This little pressures elephant passed away as she was only 2 years old, cause of a illness that elephant receive at a young age. This was the start of this wonderful project by Chris Kaiser. I admire Chris for his passion and commitment, he has a mission and it is wonderful to be part of his journey. So far 11683 trees are planted this year, and this is just the beginning.

Those two Lady´s are both developing great educational projects and program.

Tracey Shiundu-Kamande, CEO FunKe Science

Tracey is the CEO of FunKe Science, they are offering young kids fun experience with exciting science activities in schools around Nairobi (Kenya). Simple tools, and no need of technology are used in teaching kids how to explore themselves and try out new things. One example to be named: How to use baking soda and vinegar to inflate a balloon.

I am really honored to be her mentor, female entrepreneurship and social impact are important topics in the future. There is not a need to create applications, technical solutions etc. simple things are also great to use, in particular when it comes to education. Now we are working on a platform to even spread the word about FunKe Science even more. Tracy is a wonderful person, and is doing such an amazing work, to support young future scientists.

Last but most definitely not least in our team of entrepreneurship

Doreen Richard Mushi Founder, Lead Developer and Educational Technologist of TusomeInnovations.

TusomeInnovations is offering education for children and young adults which are deaf. In form of digital educational quizzes, that are covering topics such as science, math, geography or even history. In the near future, audio books for blind children are in the process.

In Tanzania, 55% deaf population is illiterate, and have limited schools for inclusive education, and resources for children with visual and hearing disabilities. Those numbers are not only in Tanzania or elsewhere, also in European countries such as e.g. Albania, is a high demand for support in that sector. Doreen, she has a Master of Science in Computer Science from the Lappeenranta University of Technology. She also participated with her team, last year in December at the conference. Doreen and her startup was selected to attend the SLUSH Global Impact Accelerator after they were winning a local pitching competition.

So the questions of  the WHY NOT?- attitude, can be answered very simple. Supporting and listening to those fellows and their story, and seek for new opportunities and possibilities.

NEXT step in November we will go to NAIROBI and a new adventure ahead.

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