Now you will know more about the interns’ projects. Some teams worked on them even before the internship, some just started. Let’s take a closer look at the work of each team.


The Tech Pilote team is working on two projects. The first one is ShowRoom AR, where you will be able to show and see any kind of art samples or objects using AR. It will be a mobile application made with Unity engine. The ShowRoom will have two types of users: a normal user and an event admin. They will have different rights to use it. The admin will be able to create their own event with just a small help of Xamk Tech Pilot team.

The Yoga Studio is new project of the Tech Pilote team. The idea is to create short videos about 5-10 minutes each to engage children from 7-12 in yoga to calm down their minds before the next lesson or any kind of task they will have. Lessons will be recorded with 3d characters that will do yoga and kids will repeat them. The app is intended for teachers’ usage, not the individual one, and is supposed to be on own webpage, where everyone will have access.

Next team is the ”Cops and Robbers” Team. Guys are developing a game that is supposed to be for children from 6-10 years old. The main idea is to do daily exercises and to have some community to play with family and friends. General tasks which will be in the game do not demand intensive physical activity. As for the concept, It will be a nice game to play for children to get prepared before going back to school. In their project, Cops and Robbers team will use GPS so the kids can walk around the city they will find ”Heists/ Robbery”, each ”Heists” children will perform some multiple-choice tasks to stop the robbery. Tasks will be physical, multiple-choice, basic maths tasks. Also, despite heists created by the team, users will be able to create them themselves too.

Also, you should now about the ”Endless Neon” team. Their game is started as a XAMK game jam project. ” Endless Neon” is an Endless runner with a focus on atmosphere rather than gameplay.
A core feature of the game is an audio-visual evolution as a player progressing in the game.
As for the team, Tero Jyri is responsible for the management, designing levels, gameplay, writing documents. All soundtracks are written by Otto Asikainen. 3D modeling and concept art are done by Elizaveta Kisko, and the coding part by Sami Ahonen.

Superraketti team is working on PvP multiplayer game. It should be played with other players.
“Superraketti” can be played locally in ”Create game and play” or online in ”Join remote game” with a maximum of four players. It currently has three public lobbies located in Amsterdam (4 players per server). The game currently has a ”Death match” type game mode. The goal is to shoot as may opponents as possible in the match, and the match is won by the player who destroys the most players.

The last team is Urajärvi that is working on a short mobile game which will help the museum to attract more younger visitors. Urajärven Kartano Museo is one of the oldest in Finland. As for game, it is a hidden object mobile game inside the museum premises with 6 levels.

All in all, each team has already come a long way with their projects and has done a great job. We wish them the best in reaching goals!