My name is Maria Pushkina. I am from Moscow, Russia and I am a student of double degree program in XAMK, Mikkeli since September, 2017. My program is tourism and hospitality management.

In my country I study the same program in Moscow State Institute of Tourism Industry, and there is great exchange program opportunity for all students, and due to that it become possible for me to visit university of applied sciences at XAMK. It is the main reason why I’m in Finland now.



Why did you choose to study your degree program?

I have chosen tourism and hospitality management, because it is a very profitable sphere of business which delivers a considerable profit to the state. So, I think that work related to tourism has very high demand in our time and proper education can help me not only to find prestigious and well-paid job, but also to get delight and pleasure from doing what I would really like to do.

And about double degree program…

As for me, it is a good opportunity to get new experience and a European diploma, besides Russian one, because it can help me in my carrier and future life. In XAMK all classes in English language, so it is an excellent possibility to improve my English. Another point is chance to visit beautiful country like Finland with wonderful nature, change my life, go out of comfort zone and, of course, make a new friends from all over the world.

Would you recommend XAMK and your degree program for foreigners?

Yes, of course, I will recommend, because it is very interesting possibility for everyone, not only for foreigners but and for Finnish students. Studying in XAMK have a lot of advantages, for example, all lessons are in English, lots of interesting and various lectures, a lot of practice, well qualified teachers ready to help everybody, free sport opportunities and a large number of students from different countries. Apart from study, student’s life here is varied and full of fun, different events and parties. Nobody is bored. Everybody have enough time for studying and for fun.

Your future plans?

At first I need to graduate this program and my University in Moscow. During these studies I want to have practice and then work abroad, for example, Spain, Germany or America. Then depending on current situation I will think about opportunity to do a Master’s degree. Maybe I can come back to Finland to Xamk to do it here, because now I really like study in this university.

I don’t want forget about my career and future job. I want to work in a popular and luxury hotel and with some time establish my own business like restaurant or hotel.


(Main  picture: International students of Xamk: Ahmed, Nina, Tatiana and Maria.)


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