Elina Ylönen is one of our community educator students at our Mikkeli campus. Here’s your chance to find out what 24 hours is like in her life as a student.

The alarm goes off. I jump in the shower and grab some breakfast. This morning I’ve even got the time to have my morning coffee at home, usually I just get a take away cup at the campus before my morning lectures. I throw on some clothes and head towards the campus.

I arrive at the office. I’m doing a placement for my degree working with the Communication and Marketing team at Xamk. I check my email and do some planning work using MS Word.

I’m doing an inventory of all the things we need to run events. I count up display signs and start locating popcorn kernels which are somewhere on the campus.

The popcorn kernels are discovered so I can continue with my planning work.

Lunch time! We have three restaurants on the Mikkeli campus which all sell great food. Today I decide to sample the chili fish dish at Kasarmiina restaurant. Afterwards I pick up a coffee from DeXi, one of the other restaurants we have on campus.

School work. You can also study over the summer even though it’s not officially term time. I have decided to complete one course from my personal study plan early over the summer so my autumn schedule will be a little bit easier.

Demo of the TeamX-park. We even tested out the tightrope walking track. The TeamX-park is a team building activity track which is used at the Mikkeli Campus for example by peer tutors.

My working day is done. I pop in to see my friend at the Student union office. We are both active members at the student union so sometimes we hang out at the Student Union office and do some planning.


Finally, I manage to start heading home. An hour can fly by when you’re working and chatting with friends.

Have a bite to eat and tidy up.

It’s almost a tradition for me to take part in a game of Music BINGO with my friends every Thursday evening and today is no different!

I pack and get ready for tomorrow. I’m heading home after another day at my work placement so I need to have my stuff together. After I finish packing go to bed to catch some sleep.

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