Seuraavassa restonomiopiskelija Emma Salminen kertoo omasta opiskelustaan. Tarina on englanniksi, koska se on osa promoottori-opintojaksoa, jossa voi tuottaa myös englanninkielistä sisältöä. Restonomikoulutus on suomenkielinen.

My name is Emma Salminen and I’m a 20-year-old Hospitality Management student from Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences. I started my studies in August 2015 and I have taken part in all kinds of classes, so I’m not really oriented to just one subject, for example tourism or nutrition. I wanted to study Hospitality Management because it is such a diverse trade and because I live in Mikkeli, I naturally wanted to study at Mikkeli campus. The trade and the school were also already familiar to me, because for a moment I studied in open study path.

In the university of applied sciences you can combine theory and practise just the way you like. First I thought that I’m not good enough to go to the university of applied sciences, but now I’m pretty sure that I’m in the right place. The subjects that we’re studying are interesting and exercises are also very sensible. Via school I’ve been able to participate in different kinds of trainings, for example MATUPA (safety training for tourism students). Those have been my favourite things during my studies.

I would recommend Hospitality Management for all those people, who are even a little bit interested in tourism, nutrition, business economics or marketing. This trade is more than just working in the kitchen (that’s what people always think about us). Bachelors of Hospitality Management can work for example as head of marketing, planner or head of reception.

Why should someone come to Xamk and not anywhere else? Although there are many students in Xamk (9000), there is room and time for everyone. Teachers take care of their students and the food is also great! Student organizations plan lots of events and activities also for the free time. That is really good, because then students can find new friends, for example at game nights and student parties.

I have a few plans for the future. I’m striving to graduate in three years and after that I would like to work as much as possible. I may already have a job before I graduate, but I want to have more experiences in different kinds of workplaces. After a few years of working, I’d like to study to become a Master of Hospitality Management. I will probably come to Xamk again, because I just enjoy studying here so much!


5 reasons

5 reasons why you should choose Xamk as your place to study?
1. Teachers are very skilled and nice
2. Modern classrooms and other spaces
3. Delicious food!
4. Sincere and kind students
5. Great gym and other places to exercise.

5 reasons why you should study to become a Bachelor of Hospitality Management?
1. This trade is so diverse! Not just cooking in the kitchen or working in hotels.
2. There is an opportunity to choose just the right courses for yourself. There is a wide selection of all kinds of different courses.
3. Interesting field trips, for example to Nordic Travel Fair in Helsinki.
4. Good employment opportunities
5.  Subjects are interesting and fun to learn

5 things I have learned during my studies
1. To prioritize things
2. To work in a group
3. To plan events
4. To put myself on the line
5. Useful information for example about nutrition.