(Tämä blogiteksti on englanniksi, koska liittyy koulutehtävään.)

My name is Paulina Sobotka. I started studying Hospitality Management at Xamk – South Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences on January 2nd 2017. I would like to concentrate on Hotel industry in my studies. I wanted to study Hospitality Management because I just graduated as a tourist service provider and wanted to continue my studies. I picked Xamk as my university of applied sciences because it was close to my living place and I’ve heard nothing but good things about this campus.

Entrance examinations were easy if you were prepared right. I studied hard and at first I didn’t make it. But I was accepted to Xamk on a second try. I was happy that my studies payed of!

I have to say I love being a student here. I have been a student for only three months now but I still love it. Campus and people are great and the environment is inspiring. I was surprised that studying here is sometimes hard of course but also lots of fun! For me the most interesting part is studying in groups. You never know what kind of people there are in your group but it is funny how little by little you get to know what are their strengths and weaknesses. After that it’s easy to do the group project because everyone just knows what to do and who you can ask for help in certain things.

I would recommend Hospitality Management degree programme to someone who’s passionate and ambitious. Let me explain why. Because you can’t get over this much of work without ambition also you can’t get over on-the-job learning if you don’t like this job. This job is hard but if you are passionate about it then you enjoy it. For what I have observed there are many employers who would like to hire Bachelors of Hospitality Management.

The thing I like the most in Xamk is that there are so many different kind of people and cultures. I am myself from Poland and I like the fact that maybe one day I would hear my mother tongue in the school hall. You never know, right!

My future plans are complicated. I would love to stay at hotel industry and make my own way on top of that. But I have to say I’m also interested in many other professions such as a police officer. So I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what the future will bring.

So as I said earlier I’m not originally from Mikkeli or even from Finland. I was born in Poland actually in a city named Nidzica. I moved to Finland as a 6-7 year old and to Mikkeli as a 17 year old. I lived in Mikkeli before I started to study at Xamk so I have known the city before. Moving here to Mikkeli was nice. It was little hard to find a good apartment but eventually I found one and I have lived here now for over a year. I looked for apartments on the internet. I love to live here in Mikkeli. I also have friends here but sometimes I miss my parents and siblings so at weekend I visit them. I also like to visit a couple times a year my hometown Zaluski in Poland.

If you’re thinking about moving to other city for studies just do it. Yes it will be hard at first but once you get friends and live there for a while you will be happy that you moved. It is an adventure and it is worth it.

Paulina Sobotka, restonomi (AMK) -opiskelija


(Yläkuvassa Paulina Sobotkan (vasemmalla) kanssa Ida Levonperä. Alakuvassa Paulinan kanssa liitokiekkoa pelaa Pauliina Kerkelä.)