My name is Paulina Sobotka. I’m studying Bachelor of Hospitality Management at Xamk University.

I have studied at Xamk now for about three months. I have learned how to start a project, how to properly make a budget, the secrets of ergonomics, airport staffs language and how important group works are. Also I have to say I have learned how hard it is to get up to morning classes after a student party!

The reasons why you should study at Xamk-university are location of the university, best teachers ever, very nice environment, many possibilities for example exchanges around the world and inspiring people.

Well now I should also tell you reasons why you should study Hospitality Management, right? Okay, here we go. So the reasons are many job possibilities, extensive trainings, fun and interesting schoolwork also many challenging projects and of course best classmates!

Next I will show you five photos that describe my student life. Enjoy!


Paulina Sobotka


  1. I enjoy walking to 10am classes because it’s already light outside and the view is very pretty.
  2. It’s also nice that there are cafeterias at the campus. I would not make it through classes without coffee! My favourite one is Dexi.
  3. One of my favourite places at the campus is gym. My hobbies, which I love are gym and boxing. Campus gym is only for the students and teachers. It is free but you have to get yourself a key!
  4. At one of the classes we are making a project. My group is making a Kidpark which is a place where kids can come to play, win some candy and just have fun.
  5. But I also love to party! In this picture you can only see few of my friends but the parties are usually full of people.


Paulina’s student story: ”I have to say I love to be a student here”