Kenia has arrived to Finland from Bolivia a few years ago. She has studied Business Management as a path student at Xamk Open University of Applied Sciences at Mikkeli campus.  Kenia studied for one year amongst degree students, after which she got a study place as a degree student.



From open path to degree studies

– For me the turning point was when I found information about the possibility to study at Xamk Open University of Applies Sciences. Open UAS was the best option I had, because I tried to apply for a Masters degree, but I didn’t meet all the requirements. I decided that instead of losing time waiting for another opportunity to start a Master’s degree, I should start another Bachelor degree.

– I felt very lucky when I managed to receive one place of three offered to open path studies in Business Management. Open path gave me the opportunity to study a full Bachelor degree. This was possible since a student can apply from open path to degree studies after she/he has completed 60 credits, without any entrance exam. So I didn’t have to apply via joint application.

Studying in an international group

Kenia tells that she has a good working relationship with her group, fellow students are always willing to help when needed. – It is also interesting to work with a multicultural group, because I have been learning about their culture and the system they use to learn.The education is good and flexible. The study material is accurate and focuses on the subject.

Studying at Xamk

Kenia recommends studies at Open University. – Xamk is a highly rated university and offers a variety of degrees in different cities in the South-Eastern of Finland. I am more than satisfied with my studies at Xamk. Also I like the city, Mikkeli is a friendly little town, the natural beauty is what I enjoy.


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