My name is Naidenova Nina Alekseevna. Since this year I have been studying in XAMK on the Double degree program. I am studying Tourism and Hospitality Management.

After school I went to College of Tourism, which I successfully graduated in 2016. At the moment I’m studying at the Institute of Tourism. I’ve chosen this specialty, because I’ve always been inspired by other culture, countries, other language and people living there.

I find that the most interesting thing in my future profession is an opportunity to interact and cooperate with other people and discover new thing.



Why did you choose XAMK as your university of applied sciences?

I have always believed that I grew up differently from my brothers and sisters. While they were hanging out with their friends, I was looking for an opportunity to improve myself.

I’ve always studied hard and learned about myself, trying to find my place in this world. I’ve always wanted to become independent and to get a better life.

When I was asked about reason to study at XAMK, the first thing that came into my mind that it would give me a great opportunity to improve my English and professional skills.

When I arrived and started in XAMK, I have realized that I made the right choice.


Moreover, I have always been interested in living, working or studying abroad, that is how I could check up myself as individual.

Another reason is that I can get European education which is highly-prized in the world, and it will be very useful for my future career.

Also, I’m very interested in intercultural exchange with students from other country.

When I arrived and started in XAMK, I have realized that I made the right choice. Every new day living here, I discover something new and interesting. The study at my institute in Moscow seemed to me a routine from day to day but here I really understood what is a non-standard approach to learning, creative work and teamwork.

What did the study give me here?

Honestly, I didn’t even expect to see such a different approach to learning. Here preference is given to teamwork. When you work in a team it’s fun and interesting. You observe different points of view on one thing and take out for yourself something new.

I like that there is a lot of work related to the promotion. You get new skills such as organization skills, team-work, communication skills, net-working, presentation skills, open-minded, planning skills.


(Main  picture: International students of Xamk: Tatiana, Nina, Maria and Ahmed.)

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