Our study trip started 7th September on Friday in Mikkeli. When we arrived in Helsinki at 10 a.m. our guide came to bus and we started sightseeing of railway
station. Railway station was built in 1860 and the designer is Eliel Saarinen, station is well-know belfry (kellotorni) and statues (Lyhdynkantaja patsaista).

Next we arrived at the stunning Sibelius monument and our guide played us the piano his phones apps. It was really nice timing our study trip, because autumn is so colorful in Finland and silver/gray Sibelius monument looks much better than usually in the middle of the colorful trees.

Our trip we passed restaurant Löyly, which located in Hernesaari. Löyly is a new and different restaurant in Helsinki and Jasper Pääkkönen is the designer, he is very well-know actor in Finland. Löyly offers Finnish and organic food and the name isn’t in vain Löyly, there you can experience the Finnish sauna.

We have also seen the Helsinki Cathedral, located in the city center, right in the Senate Square, also known as St Nicholas Church until the independence of Finland in 1917. It is the most photographed building in all of Finland. It was really nice.

We visited the museum, located in front of the cathedral, Helsingin Kaupunginmuseo. Inside the museum, we have seen several exhibitions, collections, objects, construction elements, events and designs.

We have been transmitted diferences new sensations and experiences. It was really fun.

We could visit this relaxation room, located on the fourth floor of the museum. It is dedicated directly to the known senses, the memory center of the brain and primitive parts. It is used as part of an exhibition.

Beside museum we had a chance to visit the botanic garden. It was really amazing place there were a lot of different rooms with different plants and every room tried to copy the habitat of the plants.

When we walking to church, we found something in the street… a REINDEER!

So Lasse got a friend. Normally the reindeers live in Lapland, this was really nice surprise to us and maybe ours trip highlight.

– Lasse, Natalia, Katariina x 2 –