My name is Kati. I started studying for a degree programme in Sales and Marketing in Kouvola in August 2017.




My studies are very flexible and a lot can be done online; I’m only at the school for 2 or 3 days every week. That’s the most convenient option for me and studying at Xamk is relaxed and easy to do while working.

I live near the capital and my journey to Kouvola takes about an hour on the train. I can do my homework while I travel, then I have more time with my family at home.

I am keen to develop myself and learn new things and my Degree Programme is very interesting. The best thing about Xamk for me so far has been the sense of belonging.

I think the qualification will be a real benefit for those wanting to work in sales or marketing professions. The career prospects within those industries are good and there are plenty of job opportunities and alternatives.

At this moment, I don’t know what my dream job is but I’m ready to find it when graduate.


5 reasons why you should choose Xamk as a place to study

  1. Professional teachers
  2. Motivating atmosphere
  3. Interesting projects for example with Emma Gaala
  4. Wonderful student friends
  5. If you like, there are very good opportunities for studying abroad.

5 reasons why you should choose to study Sales and Marketing

  1. Courses are interesting.
  2. The courses can be chosen flexibly.
  3. Courses are also of general interest.
  4. Employment opportunities are good.
  5. There are many future career opportunities.

5 things you have learned during your studies

  1. I’ve learned to organize my time better.
  2. I’ve learned a lot from Kouvola.
  3. I’ve learned to get along with different people better.
  4. I’ve learned to use MS Excel very well.
  5. I’ve learned to calculate the corporate tax.


School friends make learning much more fun.
These will help to keep you awake.


Apple helps with school assignments and communication.