I’m Robert Mutasa, a 41 year old married man. I am a father of two – a boy and a girl. I’m from Zimbabwe and currently working in South Africa on part-time contract.

I love education and I am always looking forward to upgrade my career and find new possible opportunities. My hobbies include reading articles from newspapers, internet , watching sports and (sometimes taking part in some), indoor games, listening to music – world music, having fun times with my family ( wife and children) and farming ( small scale). I like to try new things in my life and has set out some goals to accomplish in life.



Why are you studying at Xamk Open University of Applied Sciences?

  • I need to obtain a Finnish educational qualification, it’s very important in my life because of the Finnish education reputation….which is among the best in the world. The Open University is flexible and provide free online courses which are accredited. I’m taking advantage of the free education.

How did you end up to Xamk OUAS?

  • It was through Eliademy online learning platform. I saw a course on their platform from Mamk ,by then , I searched for the school through the Study Finland website. I end up enrolled in one of the course. I started in 2016 autumn semester through Eliademy. My first course was Get the Experience of Finland 3 ECTS and I managed to finish 2 CR.

Educational background / work experience

  • Currently I enrolled with University of the People for a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration starting June 21 and will graduate 2022. In May 2018 , I obtained a Diploma in Occupational Health in Developing Countries from the University of Bergen in Norway (online).I graduated from Bulawayo Polytechnic in Zimbabwe with a National Certificate in Woodmachining and Manufacturing Technology in 2002 and passed the University of Cambridge General Certificate in Education at Ordinary Level ( International Examination) in 1994. I have over 15 years of experience in the furniture marking industry.

Workplace or area of work and what you do in your current job

  • As a woodmachinist, I specialize in furniture manufacturing, machine setups and general servicing, work rode drawing and designing and joinery work.

What have you studied at Xamk?

  • Well, quite a lot by now, currently I’m taking three courses, Focus on Finland, Finnish for Beginners and From Ideas to Innovation. I completed the following courses since from 2016 to this date: Cybersecurity, Multichannel Strategies, Emission Measurements and Environmental Technology, Clean Technology, Macroeconomics and International Trade, Sustainable SCM, Introduction to Cybersecurity, Health Promoting Podiatry, Destination Finland, Safety of Household Chemicals and Glyphosates and Get the Experience of Finland.

What the studies have been like?

  • Yeah, these studies have shaped my life and have increased my interest in studying more and more. The way studies are contacted, is just like in the brick and mortar class. Lectures are supplied with videos and reading material. Sometimes the studies are challenging as there is a lot of reading and researching required. Otherwise, if not devote to the studies, a failure is possible.

What is the best part in your studies/what is the most challenging part?

  • The best part is there is no need to buy books as all the needed reading material is provided. And also some lecturers gave second chance if there were students who failed to meet the passing grade. The most challenging part is commitment, when taking studies at Xamk, one needs to be ready for the studies and focus as the courses are stricter when it comes to deadlines.

How do you / did you benefit from these studies?

  • As the studies bear ECTS points, they are recognized worldwide and can be used in furthering up education. The courses are also designed in such a way that they gave me confidence in implementing what I have learned into the real world (practical).

I will definitely recommend the studies to my colleagues and my wife and relatives.

What are you future wishes and desires (in life)?

  • I wish to finish my degree studies at Xamk because I’m now familiar with the community. This is my life so l aim in securing the required credits to apply for a degree program mainly in International Business Management or Environmental Engineering.