Xamk Open UAS set Zehira up for full-time studies

Bsc. in Psychology, 29-year old Zehira Cumberbatch, has studied online with Finnish Xamk Open University of Applied Sciences (UAS). Zehira chose two courses: Small Business Marketing and Entrepreneurship and Diabetes Management.


Zehira, how did you end up studying with Xamk Open University of Applied Sciences? 

– It was the start of the new year and I was interested in returning back to school to begin studying for a new degree. I graduated with my 1st degree in 2010, and I figured completing a few courses online before submerging myself fully back into full-time studies would give me an idea on how prepared I was to return back to studying, especially considering that this time around I would be a new wife and mother.

Zehira tells us she chose Xamk for three reasons. First, because of Xamk Open UAS’s prestige. Second, because of availability of relevant subjects, and third because of affordability.

I chose Xamk because of the school reputation coupled with the availability of the subjects of which I had interest along with the affordability of the courses.

Zehira lives in the Bahamas and has studied online with Xamk Open University of Applied Sciences


How did you benefit from studying with Xamk Open UAS?

– I was interested in returning back to school to study Podiatry. Diabetic management plays a vital role in podiatric medicine and so I found the course both informative and enjoyable. As a podiatrist most practitioners end up starting their own business. Therefore I was able to formulate business ideas and navigate challenges that may possibly arise that I previously would have never considered.

According to Zehira the best part of studying with Xamk was interacting with individuals from varying backgrounds and researching new topics. The most challenging she found coordinating online meetings with group members in different time zones.

Zehira found studying online with Xamk both useful and easy.


I found all my courses to be very precise in their description. The grading scheme and assignment requirements were layed out very clearly. I wouldn’t change anything.


Zehira found Xamk Open UAS learning outcomes, contents and methods well described and informative.

– Professors were quick to answer any queries I had as well, she tells us.


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