My name is Amanda Georgia Fält and I started my studies at Xamk in the beginning of this year, so in January 2017. My program is Hospitality Management and my orientation would preferably be Hotel Management.

Previous to this school I was in a vocational college and had the same program. Yet in a lower ‘degree’. I chose this program because my previous experience in the same field left me with the will to educate and improve myself. I love cultures, languages and people, so all of this combined leads me nowhere else than to the Hospitality field.

Amanda Fält

Why did you choose Xamk as your university of applied sciences?

All my life I used to live in big cities such as Zurich and Helsinki, I loved the constant hecticness and noise around me. It gives me an energy boost and motivation.

When I moved out from Zurich to a small city back to Finland to attempt vocational collage, I was shocked. I didn’t really fit in and felt a little lost.

After my college I moved back to Helsinki, had a gap year and still felt kind of as I didn’t belong.

I saw all these motivational quotes as: ‘’life begins outside your comfort zone.’’ So I thought to myself, why not, what do I have to loose. I had been to Mikkeli a few times before and the city seemed humble and beautiful. Next thing I knew I was accepted to be a student at Xamk.

Honestly I couldn´t be any happier and for me at least choosing Xamk was a great decision.


What has been the most interesting part in your studies?

I love the fact that apart of actual lectures where students take notes and our professors do the talking, we have a lot of projects. Where our professors give us the ‘’wheel’’ and responsibility. I feel like that really enhances our creativeness and ideology, which leads us students to grow as individuals and become experts in our field.

I recommend Hospitality Management to anyone who is passionate about cultures, customer service and management. I think it’s the perfect mix.

What are your future plans?

My near future plans are to concentrate on my studies and to go for an exchange year abroad. I would be interested to go to Sweden, Germany, Australia or America.

Depending on my connections and current situation in life I would maybe be interested to do a Master’s degree, but let´s see what the future holds.

If I don’t continue studying in a master program, I would realistically like to start working in a well know big chain hotel as a receptionist and build my way up from there.

A moment you won´t forget during your studies?

There have been a lot memories made. Most of them are just simple yet meaningful moments as laughing and having lunch, having heart to hearts and getting to know each other better. Nights out, insider jokes and mornings in class, where we can´t help than to just laugh at our tired faces.

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