Xamk’s degree programmes taught in English attracted a record number of applicants this year. The total number of applicants increased by as much as 119.8% compared to the previous year. Last year, there were 1,824 applicants, while this year, the number of applicants rose to 4,009.

The number of first-choice applicants also grew, from 558 last year to 743 this year, translating into an increase of 33%.  This year, the initial intake was 29% higher, totalling 207 available study places.

For all the degree programmes included in this application round, the number of first-choice applicants per available study place was 3.6, compared to 3.5 last year.

Applications were received from 114 different countries. The highest number of applicants came from Nigeria, Finland, Nepal and Bangladesh.

The figures are preliminary and will be specified during February.

The new Nursing Degree Programme was popular

The Degree Programmes in Nursing and Game Design were the most popular programmes.  The new Degree Programme in Nursing attracted the largest number of applicants, the largest for a single degree programme in Xamk’s history.

In terms of first-choice applicants, the most popular programme was Game Design.

CEO and President Heikki Saastamoinen considers the increase in the number of applicants and the popularity of the Nursing Degree Programme, in particular, to be significant.

“The programme promotes work-based immigration and eases the shortage of nurses. One of the advantages of the programme is that it places strong emphasis on learning the Finnish language from the very beginning of the studies. This enables the students to find employment in Finland.”

“For the second year in a row, our total number of applicants increased significantly, so we are on track with the target we set in our strategy.  We, together with companies and other employers, still need to make efforts to attract international students to stay in the region after graduation. The significant increase in the number of applicants shows that there are people who want to come to the region.”

The selection process will continue during the spring with possible degree programme specific preliminary assignments or entrance exams. The eligibility of the applicants will be checked by mid-February. The total results of the joint application procedure will be released on 3 June 2022 at the latest. The studies begin in autumn 2022.

Applicants per degree programme





Number of first-choice applicants per one study place

Bachelor of Business Administration, Digital International Business,  Kouvola 50 1,042 114 2.3
Bachelor of Business Administration, Wellbeing Management,  Mikkeli 20 147 27 1.4
Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Game Design,  Kouvola 22 424 244 11.1
Bachelor of Engineering, Environmental Engineering,  Mikkeli 20 135 40 2.0
Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology, , Mikkeli 25 653 62 2.5
Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing, , Kotka 50 1,545 237 4.7
Master of Health Care and Social Services, Rehabilitation, online studies 20 63 19 1.0
Total 4,009 743 3.6


More information:

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