Competence, expertise and innovation in South-Eastern Finland and globally

The Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) activities of South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences are focused on enhancing the vitality of the South Savo and Kymenlaakso regions. Our goals are to help businesses thrive and to generate new entrepreneurship. We have approximately 250 ongoing projects annually, in which our experts find, test and develop new products and services, or conduct research for the needs of businesses and the world of work.

In geographical terms, our continuously increasing RDI activities are mainly focused on Europe and the Baltic Sea Region. In collaboration with our international partners, we strive to solve the common challenges of the future. Our four focus areas feature national and international top expertise serving the needs of the largest companies in Finland and the export industry.

Research data and expertise to support regional development

Our focus areas include:

  • Digital Economy
  • Forest, the Environment and Energy
  • Sustainable Wellbeing
  • Logistics and Seafaring.

Our research cooperation partners include

  • businesses
  • various organizations and public bodies
  • universities and universities of applied sciences
  • research institutes.

The primary sources of research and development funding include EU structural funds, other EU and international research programmes, Business Finland, Academy of Finland, together with foundations, businesses and other organizations.

Versatile RDI services

One of our expertise areas is bio and circular economy. This short video introduces the versatile RDI services Xamk offers in circular economy and construction, energy and circular economy, carbon capture and reuse, water and circular economy as well as digitalization and circular economy.

Innovative end products, piloting of circular economy processes and equipments as well as analytical services and material research are examples of the RDI services provided.


RDI activities in 2023

Impactful and versatile research, development and innovation in around 250 projects

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Logistics and Seafaring

Green transition in logistics
Oil and chemical spill response
Smart air traffic
Railway logistics
Maritime safety and disruption management

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Sustainable Wellbeing

Effective wellbeing services
Equality and empowerment of youth
Sustainable food services
Renewing working life

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Digital economy

Information management and archiving
Digital business
Entrepreneurship and innovation
Game technology and cybersecurity
Creative industries

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Forest, the Environment and Energy

Environmental safety and water technology
Fiber & process engineering and wood construction
Sustainable energy systems
Bio-based and circular economy

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Open research culture

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences promotes open research culture. With it, the aim is to make the produced information and competences visible and disseminate them to interested parties in a controlled manner.

Open research culture concerns all individuals at Xamk, including researchers, project actors, teachers, students and other personnel. In Xamk, open research culture development is promoted by a working group that consists of representatives of RDI personnel, library and information services as well as education.

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