It’s your time to enjoy student life and create wonderful memories.

Xamk is a community of over 11 000 student and staff members. 

A great reward for studying at Xamk is that we always provide potential opportunities such as networking with fellow students, staff and with local companies. We organize different events and online forums. We have lots of ideal projects and an active environment to participate and develop. At Xamk it’s your time to enjoy student life, create wonderful memories and shape the future as you wish.

Xamk organizes different events every year such as *Ship Startup Festival, which is a big event for all entrepreneurs and early-stage startups since 2015.


The first year of studies was about new experiences, international connections, and active lifestyle of a student. For example, I joined Insider Student Magazine, participated in entrepreneurial competition and collaborated with fellow students in cross-border project called InnoCamp.
– Anna Ryndina, Xamk alumni


At Xamk, we will do our best to create an inspirational learning environment and support our students. Therefore, we have created services, which will help our students not only enjoy their studies, but also their lives in Finland!

Helping hand from a student tutor

Student tutors are senior students who act as your peer counsellors. They help new students to become familiar with the school and its routines. When new students start their studies, student tutors help the members of the student group to learn to know each other and develop team spirit. In addition, tutors help new students to feel at home and become familiar with the new study environment. One of student tutors’ most important responsibilities is to inform new students about various events and other current matters. Xamk and student union Kaakko are jointly responsible for providing student tutoring services.

Student Affairs offices

On each campus, there is a Student Affairs Office that offers you guidance and help you in many different matters.​

​Every degree programme has a student affairs advisor who is your contact person to the Student Affairs Office but don’t be afraid to ask for help also from the other advisors. And let’s not forget the e-services for student affairs that are at your use 24/7!

International Services offers possibilities also for
• improving working life skills
• broadening one’s knowledge about the working life in Finland, and about the employers in South-Eastern Finland area

Student associations

We have many active student associations. Many student associations arrange events and activities for students.

Student Events

Student union Kaakko is an advocate of students at Xamk and their mission is to support you throughout your studies. Student Union Kaakko organizes various sports and hobby events. We want to support and promote team spirit among students and staff and provide you the opportunity to have fun both on and off campus. The main idea is to bring students together, create communal climate, increase well-being and take care that everyone finds some nice freetime activities.

Student projects

We have lots of ideal projects and an active environment to participate and develop. Student projects are typicallypart of a specific course. A company or organisation tasks a group of students to find a solution to a specified problem or need.

Projects facilitate an exchange of skills and know-how: students obtains from the employer valuable information about current real-life needs and problems, and the employer is granted a great opportunity to reflect on their operation in the light of most recent research data. Xamk encourages students to entrepreneurial activity and cooperation with the world of work. This can be achieved in multi-disciplinary learning environments e.g. student unions and collectives.

We have really high-skilled teachers, and the students have a lot of great activities outside of school. We have a happy educational community, we are modern, international university.
– Sami Norrbacka, language teacher at Xamk

There are professionals at Xamk who are always there for offering support and guidance regarding various different things ranging from studies, exchange programs and finding practical training to physical and mental health. Moreover, the helpful nature of people makes it even easier to approach and get help anytime it’s needed.
– Prakhar Sharma, Xamk alumni

Excellent facilities

Learning environments

Xamk has campuses in four towns: Kotka, Kouvola, Mikkeli and Savonlinna. The range of services on our campus is wide: restaurants, cafés, libraries, indoor and outdoor sport and leisure facilities, as well as services to promote studying and student well-being. The learning environments – classrooms, auditoriums, laboratories, workshops – are modern and comfortable.

Go for a virtual campus tour on our four campuses


Xamk is also known for its innovation and research environments such as:

  • Fiber Laboratory
  • Electronics 3K Factory
  • Active Life Lab

Participation in RDI brings new dimensions to studies. Students can gain experience in real research projects, challenge themselves to work like professionals and learn to identify what development requires. The facilities offered by Xamk are highly valued by our international students.


Activities and hobbies

Activities to try in Finland

Skiing, skating, sledding, wall-climbing, ice fishing, swimming in lakes, hiking, camping, canoeing, paddle boarding… the opportunities are endless!

Activities on campus

Bored on your free period? Try some of our campus activities such as basketball, gym, air hockey, disc golf or table tennis.

Check our podcast! Xamk’s Wellbeing Management student Abdessamad tells about his hobbies and free time activities in campus town Mikkeli. What are these hobbies? How did he find them? What activity he has found to be good for a better understanding of Finns and the Finnish culture?

I play bowling with my friends. I also do cycling tours in Mikkeli, which is one of our campus cities. I heard about these hobbies from my friends.
– Abdessamad, student at Xamk

Trips in finland

Visiting Finnish Lapland is a must experience! Try downhill skiing, visit Santa Claus village or see the Northern Lights from a glass igloo. Taking a ferry ride to nearby countries like Sweden or Estonia is extremely popular and worth experiencing. Many students like to visit other Finnish cities such as Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Jyväskylä and of course the other campus cities.

 I am the type of person who enjoys peace, Finnish nature, fresh air, and its general stability. Those are things that literally make Finland stand out from other destinations.
Quynh Anh Vu, Xamk alumni

Visiting Finnish Lapland is a must experience!


The housing situation in South-East Finland is good, compared to the situation in the Helsinki region or other similar European metropolises.

The rental level is relatively low, and finding affordable accommodation is quite easy. However, you should keep in mind that at the beginning of the autumn term there are many students looking for accommodation. So, remember to be quick to apply for housing either through the student housing services or in the private rental sector.

Degree students arrange housing themselves before their arrival in Finland. Get to know student housing in campus cities.  Please, look for more information from new students website.

Need help in finding housing? Please read our best tips: how to find an apartment in Finland! 

Rent levels for studio apartment during four years, as a average rents in the area. The general housing allowance has been deducted from the sum.Source: Statistic Finland, 2021, and Kela

We support your wellbeing

Student wellbeing is a sum of many factors, and thus must be seen comprehensively. Student wellbeing team aims to support student’s holistic wellbeing, strengthen ability to study and help in becoming a professional. We also give support to the student’s ability to cope with the studies within the time targets.

South-Eastern University of Applied Sciences and its whole personnel support student well-being in many ways and with many services. We have:

  • Student wellbeing advisers
  • Study counselling psychologist
  • Special education
  • Sports at Xamk
  • Student Health Care Kotka and Kouvola, Mikkeli and Savonlinna
  • University Chaplains
  • Student union Kaakko

One important thing is supporting student culture. It is really important for the student’s wellbeing that students feel that they belong to our community. We have promoted the issue by, among other things, supporting the activities of student associations and training them.
– Elina Ylönen, project manager, ooo-project

A woman is thinking about what to buy from groceries in the supermarket

Student benefits

Health care

All degree students (bachelor and master degrees) enrolled for attendance in higher education can use the health care services provided by FSHS. Students can use the health care services primarily in the town where the studies are located in but also remote services and consultations are available.

Students who are entitled to FSHS services are required to pay the health care fee annually to Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, regardless if they use the services or not. Kela is a government agency that provides basic economic security for everyone living in Finland. 2023 fee: EUR 36,80 per term, you are entitled to general health, dental and mental health services.

Also foreign students must pay the healthcare fee. You don’t have to pay the fee if you have social security coverage from another EU/EEA country or from Switzerland or the United Kingdom and you send the required document of it to Kela. More info on new students website! 


Other benefits

  • Discounts in public transport
  • Students in bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes are eligible for discounted meals at the Xamk restaurants on our campuses and other student restaurants across Finland.
  • You have access to affordable student housing
  • Nationwide and local discounts

Students have to pay for their own living expenses (including food, accommodation, clothing and social activities) and costs for books and other study material.

When planning your studies in Finland it is important to know the costs for the living and studying and to arrange sufficient funding for your studies.  


Opportunities to study abroad

You can complete part of your studies abroad. Students usually go on exchange during their second or third year of study, either for one semester or full academic year.

As the ideal time for going on exchange varies according to your study programme, you should start making plans for your exchange period well in advance. The easiest way of going on exchange is to make use of Xamk’s partner institution network (over 300 international partner institution). Most of the partner institutions offer courses taught in English. International Services Advisor and tutor teacher assist you to choose the right exchange destination and arrange the practical issues.

Why I wanted to go to study abroad as an exchange student? Well, I wanted to challenge myself and I also want an international career so going to Milano was a great way to get experience from different projects and courses.
– Sari Forsman, interior design student at Xamk