Joint application, spring 2023 has ended!

The selection process will continue during the spring with possible degree programme specific preliminary assignments or entrance exams. The eligibility of the applicants will be checked by mid-February. The total results of the joint application procedure will be released on 2 June 2023 at the latest. The studies begin in autumn 2023.

The selection process

Next application periods

Next joint application periods are 4 – 14 September 2023 and 3 – 17 January 2024.

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Discontinuation of the telephone exchange service

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences will discontinue its telephone exchange service and number from 1 January 2023.

Staff phone numbers will remain unchanged and are available in the person search. From there, you can search for contacts by name of the person or service, job title, or part of a word.

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Finnish university-level education and research can compete globally with quality and safe environment, Santeri Koivisto, Xamk Head of International Affairs and Education, says.

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Current issues

Xamk is promoting an inter-university alliance with nine other European universities

Xamk aims to create an inter-university alliance within the framework of the European Universities Initiative, funded by the Erasmus+ programme. Xamk is part of the INGENIUM Alliance, which consists of 10 European higher education institutions. The Alliance received a budget of over €14 million for four years.

The central focus areas of the Alliance for the next few years are pedagogical innovativeness, sense of community, sustainable development, and entrepreneurship.

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At South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Xamk, learning is unlimited.
In addition to full scale degree programmes, we offer a variety of online study opportunities.

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Why choose Xamk?

Discover why you should study with us!

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Bachelor's degree programmes

More information

Master's degree programmes

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Information for students

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Micro Courses offer a convenient and quick way to recharge
your knowhow and skills online − according to your own timetable.
There are courses available from different fields of study,
and completing a course successfully results in a certificate.

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Xamk Pulse Open University of Applied Sciences

Xamk Pulse is the largest and most popular Open University of Applied Sciences in Finland.

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Examples of Pulses studies

Xamk Open University Introduction to Video Games Creation


Free online studies!

Enrollment: ongoing and open for registrations.


Sustainable technology management (Master School), 5 ECTS cr

Time: 2 May – 31 August 2023
Price: EUR 60 or semester fee EUR 175
Enrolment by: 16 April 2023


Python programming and data processing (nonstop start), 5 ECTS cr

Enrol and you can start studying within one week!

Price: EUR 60 or semester fee EUR 175
Enrolment by: 31 March 2023


Get to know us

Our vision

Xamk is an international institute of higher education with the whole world as its campus. We are a significant research and development unit.

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Quality and Evaluation

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Research and Development

As a research and development organisation, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences is focused on enhancing the vitality of its region of operations. The goal is to promote business, expertise and competitiveness in the region, and generate novel national and international innovations.

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Explore our campuses

Kotka Campus

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Kouvola Campus

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Mikkeli Campus

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Savonlinna Campus

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