At South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Xamk, learning is unlimited.
In addition to full scale degree programmes, we offer a variety of other study possibilities. Take a look at our global talent acquisition programmes below!


Do you already have a degree, but you need further qualifications to be able to work in Finland? Or would you want to deepen your knowledge after a Bachelor’s degree and possibly continue to Master level studies? Xamk offers flexible ways to educate global talents and improve their professional skills as well as employability.

An integral part of our global talent programmes is co-operation with local businesses. This helps students to gain insight into business life in Finland, create networks and possibly find their future careers. In addition to that, Xamk’s vast research and development activities offer our students excellent opportunities to participate in project work.

At Xamk, we will do our best to create an inspirational learning environment and support our students. Therefore, we have created services, which will help our students not only enjoy their studies, but also their lives in Finland!

Gain the skills, become an expert and define a new era of work.


Post-graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Startups

Post-graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Startups is a one-year diploma program, with additional possibilities to transfer credits and continue in our MBA program at the same campus.

Many of our graduates continue their residence and are gainfully employed in their specialized area after graduation from the MBA program in Finland.

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Post-graduate Diploma in Tourism and Service Business

The diploma programme in Tourism and Service Business is a one-year diploma programme with additional possibilities to transfer credits and continue in our Master’s Degree in Tourism at the same campus.

During the one year programme, you will learn about tourism and service business, international working environments and sustainable growth.

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Foundation year

Foundation year is aimed at applicants, who have applied in the joint application to study in an IT programme at Xamk or one of our partner universities and was qualified to enter the programme, but did not receive a study place.

During the studies of the foundation year, students will increase their proficiency, build the necessary skillset and gain an in-depth understanding of the core subjects of the IT sector to excel in their future degree studies.

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