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Top 5 reasons to study with us!

Xamk offers you a journey of a lifetime. Read the top 5 reasons why you should study with us and choose Xamk as your perfect study destination.

Top 5 reasons
Feedback from Xamk graduates tells that Xamk is valued by our students.

Next application periods

Next joint application periods are 4 – 14 September 2023 and 3 – 17 January 2024.

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Stories and insights from our current students.

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Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes

An exceptional education


Finnish university-level education and research can compete globally with quality and safe environment, Santeri Koivisto, Xamk Head of International Affairs and Education, says.

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Found my inner climate change educator in Mikkeli

“I discovered my inner climate change educator who wants to raise awareness and encourage people to find solutions for protecting nature.”

- Daria Chekalskaia, Xamk alumni

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Studies with practical orientation

“Finnish educational system consistently ranking as one of the best in the world, and Xamk is known to be at the top of Universities of Applied Sciences in the country.

The Information technology programme at Xamk attracted my attention by its emphasis on hands-on experience with hardware and building computer networks. That made it stand apart from many programmes I was also considering that mostly offered software development courses.

I would definitely recommend the Information technology programme at Xamk. It gives you a strong background to become a better engineer, be it in networks, software, digital electronics or whatever else it is you love doing.”

– Bogdan Moroz from Russia, Xamk alumni, studied in Information technology degree programme

Found my career path in Finland

“When I return home in Finland, my mind finds peace again. I think that Chinese people would appreciate our clear skies, clean waters and the peace and quiet that we have.”

- Yafang Huang, Xamk alumni

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Step out of your comfort zone

"If you have thought about going abroad to study and learn in an international environment, then why not do it? It is always easier to go back than to leave the place you are at and going abroad will not only broaden your perspective but also help you in the future in many ways."

- Henrik Dombovari, student at Xamk

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“Having realized that I want to work in game industry, I started looking for a suitable degree worldwide. I soon found this Xamk degree that is super focused in game design”, Luu Nhi, a first-year B.Sc. student in game design, says.

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Finland - happiest country in the world


Finland is the happiest country in the world. The Global Happiness Report has ranked Finland first for the fifth year in a row.
What is the secret? Find out what Finland is all about: nature, an excellent education system, a welfare state and unique culture. Finland is a great place to study for international students.

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Home for innovation

Our guideline is the idea of unlimited learning and research. We look at the world in a new way. At the same time, we concentrate on solving and tackling the global problems we face in the world today – together with our students.

Research and development

Participation in RDI brings new dimensions to studies. Students can gain experience in real research projects, challenge themselves to work like professionals and learn to identify what development requires.

Entrepreneurial culture

One of Xamk’s primary ambitions is to foster entrepreneurship. For example, *ship Startup Festival supports the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Master School

Build the career path of your choice in Master School, the learning community for Master’s degree students at Xamk.

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Information about applying and studying

How to apply

Instructions for applying, information on entry exams and statistics related to applying.

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Study guide

Find the descriptions and curricula of the degree programmes on our online study guide.

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Admission services

Contact us by email or by phone +358 50 345 8602 or +358 50 3125 031.

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A welcoming and supportive community

Xamk has campuses in four towns: Kotka, Kouvola, Mikkeli and Savonlinna. The range of services on our campus is wide: restaurants, cafés, libraries, indoor and outdoor sport and leisure facilities, as well as services to promote studying and student well-being.

The learning environments – classrooms, auditoriums, laboratories, workshops – are modern and comfortable. The facilities offered by Xamk are highly valued by our international students.

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Support from Xamk

Student tutors are senior students who act as your peer counsellors. They help new students to become familiar with the school and its routines. When new students start their studies, student tutors help the members of the student group to learn to know each other and develop team spirit. In addition, tutors help new students to feel at home and become familiar with the new study environment. One of student tutors’ most important responsibilities is to inform new students about various events and other current matters. Xamk and student union Kaakko are jointly responsible for providing student tutoring services.

On each campus, there is a Student Affairs Office that offers you guidance and help you in many different matters.​

​Every degree programme has a student affairs advisor who is your contact person to the Student Affairs Office but don’t be afraid to ask for help also from the other advisors. And let’s not forget the e-services for student affairs that are at your use 24/7!

Xamk offers a wide variety of leisure activities for students on campuses. The main idea is to bring students together, create communal climate, increase well-being and take care that everyone finds some nice freetime activities.

International Services (Talent Boost) offers possibilities also for
• improving working life skills
• broadening one’s knowledge about the working life in Finland, and about the employers in South-Eastern Finland area
• broadening one’s knowledge and experience about the Finnish culture, way of living, and Finns
• additional Finnish learning outside the classroom


The housing situation in South-East Finland is good, compared to the situation in the Helsinki region or other similar European metropolises.

The rental level is relatively low, and finding affordable accommodation is quite easy. However, you should keep in mind that at the beginning of the autumn term there are many students looking for accommodation. So, remember to be quick to apply for housing either through the student housing services or in the private rental sector.

Degree students arrange housing themselves before their arrival in Finland; unfortunately, Xamk cannot offer accommodation for students. Please, look for more information from new students website.

Student Union Kaakko is for you

Join the Studeny Union and you will get access to student benefits.

Welcome new students to Xamk

New student’s checklist- helps you to remember the most important things before the studies begin.