Xamk is part of the European University INGENIUM, a campus consisting of ten European higher education institutions.

INGENIUM brings knowledge and expertise to the region through joint studies and degrees, research cooperation, information and experience sharing, student exchange, and staff mobility.

INGENIUM brings new, international opportunities to the region.

INGENIUM is built together

The European University INGENIUM consists of eight universities and two universities of applied sciences. Xamk is the only Finnish higher education institution to participate in INGENIUM.

The network started its activities at the beginning of 2023. The building of INGENIUM is supported with a four-year funding from the European Commission.

INGENIUM consists of the following higher education institutions:



The INGENIUM higher education network includes a total of over 172,000 degree students and over 12,000 employees.



Connect – Share – Learn

This motto of INGENIUM sums up the purpose of European Universities. The partner higher education institutions work together to develop top-level education, joint studies, and research.

Student exchange is integrated into studies so that students have unique opportunities to complete their studies at other partner higher education institutions in the network.

Teaching practices emphasise a student-centred approach, pedagogical methods, and integrating research and teaching.

Seamless mobility of teaching, research, and other staff ensures that knowledge, experiences, and good practices are shared openly. Both virtual and physical research and development spaces of the higher education institutions will be opened up for the use of the INGENIUM network.

Read more on the INGENIUM website.


What are European Universities?

European Universities are international higher education networks. They are a part of the European strategy for universities, according to which the European Commission aims to have built a total of 60 higher education networks in Europe by 2024.

The networks aim to increase joint degrees between higher education institutions to enable students to flexibly complete their studies at any institution within the network.

The aim of international research cooperation is to find solutions to global societal challenges.

At the moment, 14 Finnish higher education institutions participate in the European Universities networks.

European Universities integrate education and research.


European Universities are the flagships of higher education.

Contact information

Would you like to know more about our cooperation at the European University INGENIUM? You can ask for more information at ingenium@xamk.fi.