Information on the impact of the war in Ukraine on Xamk

In accordance with the guidelines by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Xamk refrains from all higher education and research cooperation with Russian and Belarusian partner organisations.

The freezing of cooperation applies to the Russian state – not to Russian students in Finland, Russian applicants or higher education staff.  We at Xamk support all student and staff members of our community, regardless of citizenship or nationality. We will not tolerate any harassment associated with citizenship or nationality at our university of applied sciences.

​​​​​​​You can find more information about the impact of the war in Ukraine on Xamk below.



Study possibilities for ukrainians

In response to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine, Xamk offers several study possibilities for Ukrainians.

Xamk provides Open University of Applied Sciences courses taught in English free of charge to Ukrainians. Xamk also offers studies in international degree programmes, including separate study rights, and a higher education preparatory programme for immigrants (in Finnish language).

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Information and news about Coronavirus

Information on Coronavirus

Current instructions on coronavirus will be updated on Xamk website