Xamk is a responsible institute of higher education focusing on wellbeing, technology and creative industries.

We train skilled professionals, and create wellbeing and new business in a solution-oriented way.

Our particular areas of focus are the entire value chain of the wood and forest industries, logistics, new value-creation models in digital economy, and increased wellbeing through smart technological solutions.

All our activities strive to create quality and effectiveness in the regions in which we operate.

Vision 2030

Xamk has revived South-Eastern Finland.

Xamk grows and develops, attracting students and expertise to the region and creating new entrepreneurship. We make responsible choices.

Objective 2025

As a result of cooperation with businesses, other higher education institutes and our owner cities, we have created new jobs and expertise in South-Eastern Finland and
influenced the demographic development in a positive way.

Our skilled staff are able to constantly innovate and follow the direction of global development, without orgetting the sensitivity to listen to businesses.

We create an increasing number of new businesses.

We raise the volume of education export considerably.



We act responsibly

  • We make sustainable choices every day.
  • We take responsibility for the results of our work.
  • We develop new, sustainable solutions in cooperation with our partners.

We care

  • We take care of student and staff wellbeing.
  • We treat each other in a fair and equal way.

We work for tomorrow

  • We are brave and interested in new developments and the world around us.
  • We create new knowledge and expertise both locally and internationally.

Strategic spearheads

Education for the future

We facilitate the creation of future professions and ensure continuous development of skills and expertise.

We recognise the potential in our students and provide them with individual learning paths.

We prepare our students for entrepreneurship and inspire and encourage learning, studying and pioneering ideas.  We are a student and learning oriented university of applied sciences.

We make use of digital learning environments that are independent of time and place, together with solutions based on new learning technologies.
Our campus is the whole world!

Vitality through international activities

Our international activities create expertise, attract international workforce and open up cooperation and business opportunities.

We belong to the community of European higher education institutions and strengthen cooperation by being active in European university networks.

We strengthen our role in the international online education market and make education export a significant part of business activities.

We invest in education export, making it a significant part of our business activities.


Effective research, development and innovation activities

RDI activities meeting high international standards are an essential aspect of our regional and social influence, enabling the creation of solutions for the needs of businesses and the world of work. Our RDI activities are divided into four focus areas.

  • Forest, the environment and energy
  • Sustainable wellbeing
  • Digital economy
  • Logistics, marine technlogy and transport

We work in these focus areas to create ecosystems that generate innovations, combining research, education and business activities. We systematically review the business proposals generated as part of RDI activities. The focus areas aiming to reach the international top include wood fibre research, data-based wellbeing services, digital and creative business and port and railway logistics.

We create solutions for the needs of businesses.

We promote the culture of open scientific research.


Strategic higher education partners

Aalto University
Häme University of Applied Sciences
Anglia-Ruskin University, GB
Henan University, China
Beijing University of Technology, China

Regional higher education partners

University of Helsinki
University of Eastern Finland
LUT Group




Upper secondary education partners

South Kymenlaakso
Vocational College (Ekami), Kotka
South Savo Vocational
College (Esedu), Mikkeli
Kouvola Region Vocational
College (KSAO), Kouvola
SAMIedu Vocational
College, Savonlinna

Research institute partners

Natural Resources
Institute Finland (Luke)
VTT Technical Research
Centre of Finland
Kotka Maritime Research Centre

Xamk strategy

Download the strategy in pdf