Our mission and key principles

We promote the vitality and internationalisation of the region of South-Eastern Finland together with our partners and working life.

We respond to the competence needs of the business world and promote innovation.

We focus on the forest bioeconomy, wellbeing, and digital data.

Our Open University of Applied Sciences and research, development, and innovation activities meet the national goals of continuous learning and increasing research intensity.

We meet the needs of work and education-based immigration.

We are a responsible, good and desired place to work and study.

We are a multidisciplinary higher education institution, offering education in the fields of health and wellbeing, technology, business, and culture.
Our emergent fields are sustainable energy systems and cybersecurity.
Our research and development work makes an impact.
Our RDI focus areas are:
• Forest, the Environment and Energy
• Logistics and Seafaring
• Digital Economy
• Sustainable Wellbeing

We work responsibly for a better tomorrow.
We are the best higher education institution in Finland.

Our Community

We act responsibly and make sustainable, informed decisions. We bear the responsibility for the results of our work and strive to develop sustainable solutions.

Developing the competence of our staff is important for us. We strive to be continuously innovative. In the coming years, we will invest in leadership and management competence, develop our stakeholder and partner cooperation, and increase our international competence.

We are brave. We are interested in new things and the world around us. We have the courage to discover and create new knowledge and expertise, both locally and internationally.

We take care of student and staff wellbeing. We aim for high quality and impact in all our activities. We grow the number of our international staff and students. Our strategic partners are Aalto University and Häme University of Applied Sciences.

We treat everyone in a fair and equal way.

Strategic spearheads

Future-oriented education

We renew our pedagogy and education and training provision by integrating the latest research into our teaching.

We support our students’ entrepreneurial activities.

Our student-centred approach enables students to study in various ways and receive versatile support and guidance. We invest in our community and contact teaching.

We facilitate the creation of future professions and ensure continuous development of competence.

We work in close cooperation with businesses and our key higher education institution partners.

We improve the possibilities and accessibility of continuous learning. We offer workplaces learning solutions based on RDI activities to update competence.

We create competence modules that are recognised in the labour market.

Effective research, development and innovation activities

We support the renewal of small and medium-sized companies. We find solutions to the challenges of the data economy, green transition, and sustainable wellbeing.

We strengthen strategic partnerships, research and development environments, and innovation ecosystems.

We enable all our students to participate in our RDI activities.

We promote the culture of open scientific research. We aim to increase the number of peer-reviewed publications.

Our RDI focus areas are:

  • Forest, the Environment and Energy
  • Digital Economy
  • Sustainable Wellbeing
  • Logistics and Seafaring

Vitality through international activities

Our international activities create expertise, attract international workforce, and open up new cooperation and business opportunities in our regions.

As a member of the European University INGENIUM, we are part of the European higher education community. We are building a broad cooperation in teaching and research with our key European partner higher education institutions. We work towards increased international research funding.

We support education-based migration in our regions. We increase our English-language education and training provision. We promote employment in Finland with sufficient Finnish language studies and work-related cooperation.

We strengthen our activities in the international education market. We make education export a significant part of our business activities.+

Xamk strategy

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