The development of quality is included in the actions of our staff and our students. Good quality can be achieved by developing the quality of the university’s education and other operations towards excellence.

We collect a significant part of the feedback data used in the development actions by surveys targeted at our students, our staff and the stakeholder groups. As a student you have an essential role in the development of the university’s quality. During your studies you will answer several surveys. The course feedback survey given both in the middle and at the end of the courses is a part of the quality management system as well as the arrival survey, and the graduand feedback survey in the end of the studies.

The staff and the students discuss the feedback on different feedback forums, where they can agree on new actions and discuss the impact of earlier development measures. These forums are a good way to bring up the student’s opinions of the university’s operations and plans for development.

The following picture describes the path of the course feedback survey.
















We apply the cycle of continuous development to the quality system and to the quality work: PLAN – DO – CHECK – ACT.  The following figure shows how to develope the quality of studies for the student: