We welcome you to network, get inspired, and enjoy your time!

Xamk is hosting the annual Work life Boom -event in January 2024. This work life -themed event gathers together companies, students, staff and our alumni, graduates from Xamk.

Event dates and times:

Kotka campus 16.1.2024 at 9:00-14:00, main lobby
Kouvola campus 18.1.2024 at 9:00-14:00, Paja Gallery
Mikkeli campus 23.1.2024 at 9:00-14:00, D-building lobby
Savonlinna campus 25.1.2024 at 9:00-14:00, Restaurant Kaari

For companies

Why come to Worklife Boom?

  • Become known among students and make contacts with future employees and other companies in the area!
  • Introduce your company’s operations – what kind of expertise is needed in your company and does your company offer for example opportunities like project work, internships or writing a thesis?
  • If opportunities are also available for international students, it is good to publish the introductory text in English as well!


Fields of study by campus:

Kotka: well-being, technology and business logistics
Kouvola: business and culture, well-being, technology
Mikkeli: well-being, business economics, technology
Savonlinna: well-being, technology, security industry

More detailed information about our educational content: Degrees – Xamk
For one campus €200 + VAT 24%
For two campuses €300 + VAT 24%
For three or four campuses €400 + VAT 24%


Participation includes
Your own stand place
Wireless WLAN connection
Company name and logo in event marketing material
Company presentation on Xamk’s various channels and marketing during the event
Coffee/tea and lunch


Hey company!


Places are filled in order of registration. Participation fees will be invoiced in the first week of January 2024.
Possible cancellations will be accepted until 15.12. by, after which the participation fee is binding. Cancellations to laura.hakkinen@xamk.fi.



  • Get to know the companies: you can think beforehand about what kind of cooperation you’d hope to find.
  • Learn about the possibilities of employment with Xamk Duuni -platform
  • Introduce yourself to your potential employer and get to know other students & alumni
  • Map a thesis topic, work- or an internship position
  • There’s a lot of content about employment and entrepreneurship during the event, come check it out!


Talent Boost is also hosting a job interview simulation at Kouvola and Mikkeli campuses.

These simulations are not actual interviews, but they simulate real-life online job interview situations. Therefore, they are a risk-free environment to test your interview skills with an expert from Finnish working life and a great opportunity to learn how you can improve these skills further.

The language of the interview simulations is English. It is also possible to practice your Finnish language skills in professional context by having a simulation (or parts of it) in Finnish – however, this is totally up to your preference. Duration of each simulation is up to 25 minutes, followed by brief individual feedback by Noora Welling from Lifeworks, who takes the role of the interviewer in these simulations.

Due to limited number of slots for interview simulations, pre-registration is needed. Registration info will be updated later.

More information:



8.00 Companies arrive on campus

9.00 Opening of the event

10.30-14.30 Lunch (companies)

14.00 Closing the event thank you all for joining!


Coffee and tea available for everyone during the event

The events also includes:

  • A raffle
  • Popcorn
  • Xamk overall badges
  • Company interviews
  • Job interview simulation ENG /FIN
  • Coffee and tea

Event details based on campus

Kotka 16.1.2024

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Kouvola 18.1.2024

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Mikkeli 23.1.2024

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Savonlinna 25.1.2024

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More info

Laura Häkkinen
Alumni and Worklife Coordinator
050 468 8082