KOUVOLA, Finland, August 18, 2023. – A prototype of a 5G Mokki Tech Space cottage optimised for indoor environments was unveiled at the Kouvola campus of the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk) on Thursday.

In a style that agrees with functional, modern, Nordic interior design, the ecologically sourced birch plywood structure, finished with cotton-linen textiles, bursts with fifth-generation mobile information and communication technology.

The module and its accessories were created by three students and an alumnus of Xamk. Design and manufacturing: Antti Hevosmaa and Antti-Oskari Sinkkonen (alumnus). Electricity and wiring: Joni Fagerlund. Curtains: Ellanoora Valve.

In a streak of user-centric design, the surrounding curtains gently guide people immersed in a virtual reality experience to stay within the physical parameters of their metaverse.

5G connectivity, education and economic opportunity in one package

The 5G Mokki is a modular high-tech unit for developing software applications that require ultra-fast internet connections, to render immersive, three-dimensional (3D), virtual-reality (VR) and augmented-reality (AR) learning environments, as well as to deliver innovation services and remote work from and to any location in the world.

The 5G Mokki Tech Spaces feature 5G/6G technology courses. Content developers include Aalto University, University of Helsinki, University of Oulu, University of Tampere, Nokia, Ericsson, Ernst & Young, and Accenture.

As one of eight international development pilot projects sponsored by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, EDUCase brings together 26 Finnish higher-education institutions with academic and societal partners in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia to promote collaboration for sustainability in higher education and innovation.

Through partnerships on the EDUCase Platform and other international university networks, the educational and research content will expand to a wide variety of themes.

One area of focus is the stimulation of entrepreneurship through business courses and mentoring, while the interconnected cottages can serve as a development platform for next-generation software-intensive startups.

Leveraging and leapfrogging Africa’s human capital

At the same time, the tech spaces can provide the technical infrastructure to stimulate remote work. For example, through virtual and augmented reality applications, African knowledge workers could work remotely for European companies with overlapping time zones.

In the spring of 2023, EDUCase’s 5G Seasonal School involved the African School of Economics in Nigeria, Benin and Ivory Coast; Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia; and Lusaka University in Zambia.

Following a visit by a delegation of the EDUCase Platform to Nigeria in April 2023, the Nigerian agency responsible for the country’s university infrastructure, TETFund, expressed interest in creating a network of connected 5G Mokki Tech Spaces to enable new types of trans-continental studies combining technology and business.

Starting with a core of six university campuses, each representing one of Nigeria’s six geopolitical regions, the intention is to subsequently expand the network to cover 49 university campuses. As a result, the 5G Mokki Tech Spaces will be able to provide access to the latest mobile ITC technologies to up to five million students and recent graduates.

Project implementation and potential

The project will be planned and implemented in collaboration with Cognity Advisory, a well-known African consultancy network, and the Start North Mokki Tech Space network administered by Start North association and its Mökki Solutions Oy Ab impact company.

Start North is an association that serves as an accelerator network, consisting of world-leading universities, companies, and not-for-profit organisations, including Ambitious Africa, an initiative bringing African and Nordic youth together to take Africa to the next level.

The true potential of 5G/6G-enabled modular infrastructure lies in enabling entirely new categories of applications. Think remote control of drones, self-driving cars and complex industrial processes. Think remote surgery. Think remote work and meetings in virtual or augmented reality. Think remote learning. The operative word is “remote”.

For media enquiries:

Dr. Jari Handelberg, Chairman of the Boards of Mökki Solutions and Start North.
Email: jari.handelberg@startnorth.com


Start North website: https://startnorth.com

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