Autumn 2022 arrival survey results


The students who started to study at Xamk in the autumn think that cooperation between staff and students is going well or very well. In addition, students think that they are also listened to and encouraged. Strengths are also the comfort of the study environment and satisfaction with the eLearning environment Learn. Based on the open feedback the students think Xamk’s atmosphere is good and it is described by the words comfortable, relaxed, encouraging and friendly.

In particular master’s students are very satisfied students. The results were better than last academic year, and they are also better than the results of bachelor’s students. The feedback from master’s students is very positive. According to master’s students, the instructions related to starting and studying are also a strength, and they are well acquainted with the content and goals of the education, and they are very committed: 100% of the students intend to study until graduation.

The bachelor’s students find that they are also satisfied, and they intend to study until graduation. The satisfaction of bachelor’s students has remained at the same level for several academic years. Reasons for the satisfaction based on open feedback are access to study, the progress of studies, good teaching and atmosphere. In addition, you can learn new and interesting things. Students who study online are particularly satisfied with the fact that they can study alongside work and at their own pace.

These results came up clearly in the arrival survey which has collected at the end of 2022. The arrival survey collects information on orientation related to starting studies, the atmosphere of education, student tutoring and student satisfaction. The survey concerns all new bachelor’s and master’s degree students.

Bachelor’s students. Cooperation between staff and students is going well
Master's students. Cooperation between staff and students is going well
Master’s students. Cooperation between staff and students is going well
Xamk students think that they are satisfied

Also the willingness to recommend Xamk was surveyed


The survey also examined how likely new students recommend Xamk. This was measured by an NPS meter.  On the NPS scale, a score from 0 to 50 is good, a score between 50 and 70 excellent, and between 70 and 100 world-class.

The bachelor’s students want to recommend their education because it is versatile, offers wide opportunities, the employment prospects are good, or the teachers are knowledgeable. Online implementations are especially recommended by students because of the online study option and the flexibility of the education. The quality of the teaching is emphasized as a reason for master’s students.


NPS, Net promoter score: Bachelor’s students +28, Master’s students +47 and online students +52

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Marjaana Kivelä


Arrival survey briefly


The arrival survey has two parts. The first part is about information related to starting studies, including

  • orientation
  • atmosphere of education
  • student tutoring
  • student satisfaction.

The second part deals with communication, marketing and image related factors.

All degree students respond to the arrival survey during their first semester. This survey is implemented twice a year, in the autumn and spring.

The rating scale is as follows: 1 = very poorly, 2 = quite poorly, 3 = not poor or well, 4 = quite well, 5 = very well.

In the autumn 2022, the arrival survey covered the following:

  • A total of 1016 bachelor’s degree students replied to the arrival survey and the response rate was 51.
  • A total of 153 master’s degree students replied to the arrival survey, and the response rate was 37.

The total results of the survey were good in all degree programmes. There were no major differences between the degree programmes.