In the CCI4Change project, public authorities cooperate with entrepreneurs from the culture and creative industry (CCI) to better co-create with citizens and encourage them to reduce energy consumption. 


How can we address behavioural change needed for reducing energy consumption?

This shift is hard to develop and grasp, and this is where arts / culture / creative means are essential and can help to find new ways for public authorities and communities to approach energy consumption habits, fostering a sustainable and collaboratively built future.


CCI4Change empowers local authorities and creative and cultural professionals to collaborate in synergy, embracing mutual benefits.

Local authorities gain access to imaginative ideas, enable citizen engagement and co-creation, enriching their sustainability initiatives, while creative professionals find new possibilities of collaboration, new usage of their professional skills in the creation of sustainable solutions, new avenues for self-expression and income generation.

Citizen engagement is key to find new solutions for behavioural change to reduce energy consumption.  


The CCI4Change project will pilot new collaboration models between creative professionals and local authorities, aiming to transform citizens’ energy consuming behaviours. 

Out of the experience gained in the pilots, the project will develop a practical toolset tailored to support collaborations between local authorities and creative professionals. This toolset will provide tested methods, enriching strategies and practical support for local authorities to work with the most complex societal challenges together with their local field of arts, culture and creative professionals. 

Furthermore, the project will produce three in-depth case studies with focus on the topic of energy consumption behavioral change, serving as tangible examples of new forms of collaborations. These studies will highlight the vast potential of such partnerships, demonstrating how they contribute to advancing sustainability goals and fostering innovation in various sectors. 

More information about the project

Project duration 

August 2023 – July 2025 

Budget and funding 

The total budget of the CCI4Change project is 470,000 euros, of which 80%, or 380 000 euros, come from the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme and the remaining 20 percent from the project partners. 


Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (lead partner, secretariat located in Latvia), Jurmala Local Government Administration (Latvia); the City of Kotka (Finland); Scania Region (Sweden); Cursor Oy: Kotka-Hamina Regional Development Company (Finland); Föreningen Stapelbädden/STPLN (Sweden) and South- Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences Ltd (Xamk) (Finland).   

Associated partners: Riga Municipal Agency “Riga Energy Agency” (Latvia) and Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) (Sweden). 

Project website  


Project coordinator: Liene Abaronina ( 

Project manager Tomi Höök, Xamk (