The purpose of the arrival enquiry is to find out new students’ satisfaction with their studies and their start-up phase of studies. Degree students, which started their studies in January 2019 or autumn 2018, are mainly very satisfied with their studies and start-up phase of studies. The total mean of the enquiry was 3.6. (The assessment scale was 1 = poor – 5= excellent). 97% of students think they will study in their programme to get a degree.

1374 students answered the arrival enquiry, which is 71 % of first year bachelor students. The best results were in the Degree Programme in Nursing and Health Care, Mikkeli, which total mean was 3.9. They were also the most satisfied, because “I’m satisfied student” question got the best mean (3,8) between all degree programmes. Also Degree Programme in Civic Activities and Youth Work, Mikkeli and Kouvola, Degree Programme in Electrical and Automation Engineering, Mikkeli, and Degree Progamme in Interior Architecture and Furniture Design, Kouvola, achieved good results (mean of all the questions 3.8).

Mean of the answers in twelve programmes was under 3.5, which is under Xamk’s target level. Degree programmes still need to work on improving the start-up phase of studies.


The best means in the enquiry where (the mean of last academic year in parenthesis)

  • The co-operation with the students 4.0 (4.0)
  • The co-operation with the staff 3,8 (3,7)
  • My education has a pleasant and functional learning environment 3.6 (3.6).
  • The usability of the eLearning environment (Moodle) 3.6 (3.5).

For improvement:

  • The instructions for the beginning of the studies 3.4. Risen + 0.10
  • 68 percent of students answered that they knew to the possibilities to integrate studies to the working life. It has however risen four percentage points.

PSP has been done. 85 percent of the students answered they have had a personal study plan discussion with their teacher and 95 percent of the students answered they have had a possibility to make a personal study plan.

83 (82) of students answered that they knew to the possibilities to conduct studies faster than estimated study time. None of the mean had fallen significantly compared to the previous academic year.

The results of the arrival enquiry will be discussed in Xamk’s Educational Board and in the development forums of the departments. The assessment scale was 1 = poorly, 2 = moderately, 3 = well, 4=very well, 5= excellently.