Five years after graduating most of the graduates from Xamk have permanent full-time jobs. Most graduates work with customers / patients or in management or supervisory duties. This data is based on a national career monitoring survey implemented in the spring of 2019. The survey collected information on career paths after graduating from the university of applied sciences. 532 graduates from Xamk (formerly Kymenlaakso UAS and Mikkeli UAS) answered this survey (33% of target group).

The graduates are content with their careers

82% of the graduates are content with their careers. 73% of the graduates have been working without interruptions for five years after graduating. Only 2% have been unemployed for longer time.

During five years after graduation, 13% of the respondents have been entrepreneurs, freelancers or self-employed. At the time of the survey, 4% were entrepreneurs.

Over half of the answerers had their first job in Kymenlaakso or South-Savo region. After five years the amount has dropped clearly, 43% work on these regions.

The degree has equipped for the working life, but lifelong learning is needed

79% of the graduates have taken part in some education after graduating. Mostly this education has been shorter training, courses or modules. Also master’s and bachelor’s degrees in the university of applied sciences have been popular among graduates. The average grade of the question “Degree equipped me sufficiently for the working life” was 4.0 and “I would recommend my studies to others” was 4.3. The scale was 1-6, where 1 = fully disagree, 4 = slightly agree and 6 = fully agree.