Phishing, ransomware, data breaches, information influencing, cyber criminals – is it all just threats in the digital environment?!

Come and get a fresh dose of information about digital threats and how to prepare for them by developing cyber and information security! You’ll also hear how to improve both the company’s and your own resistance to information influencing.

NOTE: The whole event is organised in Finnish excluding two keynotes that are in English.


Reduce cyber pain and strengthen your company’s cyber resilience

When? Thursday 23 March from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

Where? XAMK’s Kotka campus and online livestream

To whom? To Kymenlaakso companies and organisations – corporate management, IT, information security and cybersecurity professionals, business managers, those responsible for corporate digital solutions and management…

The event is free of charge!

The event will be opened by Major General Kim Mattson, the new security policy advisor at the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK.

The security situation in Europe has changed dramatically since Russia attacked Ukraine. The operating environment of companies must be prepared for possible power outages and changes in logistics routes. Trade policy is also highlighted as security policy!


Kim Mattson transferred from the position of Chief of Staff of the Army to EK. Previously, he served as Adjutant General, Director of National Defence Courses, Commanding Officer of UtJR and Aide-de-camp to the President.

Top speakers include

  • award-winning information security expert Iiro Uusitalo from Fraktal who also appeared in Yle’s Team Whack – kaikki on hakkeroitavissa documentary series
  • Pekka Kallioniemi, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in interactive technology, University of Tampere. Their latest research focuses on social media, algorithms and disinformation. Kallioniemi also talks particularly about Russian lobbying campaigns and disinformation in podcasts, current affairs programmes and news, in Finland and abroad.
  • John Sweeney, an award-winning journalist and the author of the best-seller, Killer In The Kremlin. After going to Chechnya undercover, he first called Vladimir Putin a war criminal 23 years ago. Sweeney challenged Putin in 2014 after the Russians shot down MH17. A few hours later an anonymous man punched him in the stomach. On Day Two of the big war, he was arrested in Kyiv on suspicion of being a Russian spy – a mistake that was happily sorted out. He spent the whole of the Battle of Kyiv in the Ukrainian capital, filing daily video films for Twitter – from @johnsweeneyroar
  • Early-Stage Researcher Dan Heering of the Centre for Maritime Cybersecurity of TalTech, Tallinn University of Technology. Dan Heering is a Ph.D. student at the Tallinn University of Technology. He has the competence and experience in maritime and cybersecurity, combining these fields for more secure and safe digitalized global transportation systems. Dan also works in the EU-funded project MariCybERA. The mission of the established ERA Chair is to create a Centre for Maritime Cybersecurity at Tallinn University of Technology. This centre will combine multidisciplinary research expertise in maritime and engineering, computer science and cybersecurity.
  • Emma Hokkanen, Senior Specialist in Cyber Security. In the Ministry of Transport and Communications, they are responsible for matters related to network security and current cyber issues in the EU, such as the NIS2 cybersecurity directive.
  • Cyber Security Specialist – Pentester Lead Anne Hautakangas, who works in the team of white hat hackers as Pentester Lead at Insta. The team’s task is to chase information security deficiencies in digital systems. In their work, they have encountered online services, industrial environments and physical devices. The work offers an excellent view into the level of digitalised information security in Finland and its most typical challenges.
  • Dr Ian Oliver is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs working on Trusted and High-integrity Cyber Security applied to 5G, 6G, Metaverse, Edge and IoT devices with particular emphasis on the safety-critical domains, such as future railway, medical devices and medical systems. He holds a visiting position at Aalto University Neurobiology Dept working on application of cyber security and trust techniques to future medical application as well as lecturing on the subject of medical device cybersecurity. Other areas of active research include privacy engineering and various topics related to information theory, measurement of privacy and semantics. He is the author of the book “Privacy Engineering: A data flow and ontological approach” and holds over 200 patents and academics papers.

And more speakers TBC!

The event will be held on site on the XAMK Kotka campus and will be livestreamed online. All keynotes may not be available via online livestream! The event will not be recorded.

The event is organised by the KyberReact Kymi22 – Last Call and Satamalogistiikan kyberhygienia projects, which are funded by the Regional Council of Kymenlaakso, Supporting the Sustainable Growth and Vitality of Regions (AKKE) funding. Kymenlaakso Chamber of Commerce is a part of the event cooperation.

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