IMPRESS webinar – New high value plant-based products from IMPRESS


Join us to the webinar series organised by an EU funded IMPRESS project, focusing on finding ways to produce sustainable chemicals and materials. Our project partners will follow you through the different steps and main results of the IMPRESS biorefining process in a series of four webinars.

IMPRESS project was launched September 2019 and it aims to create a new hybrid biorefinery process. It means researching and combining selected key technologies and using them to refine renewable resources such as forestry and agricultural residues into multiple sustainable chemicals and materials that can replace fossil-based products.


Register today for the second IMPRESS webinar, titled New high value plant-based products from IMPRESS on Wednesday, 23rd of February 2022 at at 11-12 CET (central European time). Registration: IMPRESS webinar – New high value plant-based products from IMPRESS (


In this webinar you will hear the insights on the technologies applied in the IMPRESS project and the advantages of using the selected separation and purification processes in three valuable value chains for lignin, hemicellulose and glycols.



Welcoming words

Efficient upstream processes, Niels van Linden, R&D Coordinator, Lenntech Water Treatment Solutions

1# value chain: Value for lignin, Monika Österberg, Professor, Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems, Aalto University

2# value chain: Recovery of Xylitol, Yannick Krauke, Application Specialist/Laboratory Manager, KNAUER

3# value chain: Glycols to valuable end products, Siu-Ha Tang, Project Leader, Avantium

Closing words



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