In the academic year 2023—2024, the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences supports the practical trainings of our international students in our campus towns with grants. It is possible for a company or organization to participate in the pilot and, at the end of a successful practical training, apply for a grant of € 1,400/month from Xamk to cover the trainee’s salary costs.

Participating in the pilot gives the company or organization the opportunity to get to know a potential future employee and with them get the latest learnings in the field and fresh insights. The language of these practical trainings is mainly English, so the employer has the opportunity to practice their English language skills in everyday life and bring internationality to the working community at a low threshold. It is possible for the company to find a trainee from, for example, our business or engineering students.


The pilot is part of Xamk’s Talent Boost work.


A company or organization operating in Kouvola, Kotka or Mikkeli can participate in the grant pilot by sending a short description of the practical training placement they offer to project researcher Henna Hirvonen ( no later than 15 November 2023. The language of the trainings is English, so it is hoped that the job descriptions will also be sent in English.

After the deadline, Xamk’s Talent Boost project researcher communicates the announced training positions to the students, so that they can apply to the positions that interest them. Applicants’ CVs and motivation letters will be sent to companies and organizations after the application period has ended, no later than 31 December 2023.


  • Possible interviews and the selection of the trainee are done by the employer, a good time for this would be January-February. The student and the employer agree on practical matters and make a contract about the practical training. Taking care of the employer’s obligations is the responsibility of the participating company or organization.
  • Practical trainings are carried out as full-time onsite work and mainly during the summer. Practical trainings are paid, so the company or organization pays the trainee at least 1,400 €/month (according to Kela’s annual employment condition minimum wage).
  • At the end of a successful training, a company or organization can invoice Xamk for a grant max. 2,800 € (1,400 €/month). A signed employment contract and receipts for salaries paid to the trainee must be attached.
  • The student produces materials from their training experience (e.g., in the form of a video or text) and the employer has the opportunity to participate in this if they wishes to, by telling about the experience from their own perspective. By using these materials, good training experiences can be communicated via Xamk’s channels, and the company/organization can also use them on their own channels if they wish.
  • The duration of the pilot period of the grant program is September 1, 2023—September 1, 2024. Practical trainings supported by the grant must be completed within the framework of this schedule.
  • The pilot is part of Xamk’s Talent Boost work.


Apply or ask for more information:

Henna Hirvonen, Project Researcher, International Services

+358 50 4621 764