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Joonas Korgan (Develop theirs’s clients’ digital products and services. Software consultancy operating in Turku and Helsinki) https://identio.fi/en/about-us/



/ Vaana (Finnish family business whose mission is to secure the well-being of Finns by improving the competitiveness of social and health services. Their solutions improve citizens’ decision-making power, speed up the availability of services, enhance competition and save costs.) https://vaana.fi/



(Develop and provide the highest standard of technology to support surgeons performing spinal, cranial, ENT or orthopedic procedures.) https://www.surgifymedical.com/about/about



Neveli Niit (Collaboration software for planning quality music events. It allows streamlined information sharing between bands and concert crews.)



(First is Augmented Reality Workflow called Sciar Co-Pilot that helps to show the instructions in an easy way and automated checks using the AR-headset camera prevent costly errors. The second part is Sciar Vault, a secure cloud platform that can be used to manage workflows, design and modify protocols and access documentation.)



(With the Shareway service, you can easily and effortlessly rent free parking spaces of other users – for example, during a working day. So find a place where you need it most and rent with one swipe – the app does the rest!)


Easy Try

(Virtual Try-On powered by Computer vision Fashion eCommerce. Increase engagement, AOV and conversions)


1st place: Wield VR

Timo Ahlgren Wield VR (Dedicated to revolutionizing the virtual reality (VR) industry by offering cutting-edge accessory devices that enhance gaming and immersive experiences for VR enthusiasts)

2nd and best of South Kymenlaakso: Normogames

Normogames (Brand new game studio based in Kotka, Finland. Our company was founded in 2022 and we have already released two games on Steam. Normogames’ key to success is its awesome team that can produce everything in house.)


1st place: PikaPay

The service offered by PikaPay enables customers to independently handle their entire shopping trip without going to the cash register or waiting in line.

2nd place: Betomo

Petri Kuusela (A new method of measuring the moisture in concrete structures is on the verge of a huge market.)

3rd place: Normogames