Bridge builders – Building sustainable nutritional bridges between research and health and wellbeing services for elderly -project organized a workshop to gain common understanding of RDI activities among partners.

Bridge Builders consists of expertise in food and nutrition research (healthy food, alternative proteins, mealtime interventions, aging) as well as in service applications and good practices (dietary habits and environments, training of social and health professionals). Participants represent Denmark (University College Copenhagen), Finland (South-Eastern University of Applied Sciences), Norway (University of Stavanger) and Sweden (Linnaeus University).

The first workshop of the project was held in March. Its theme was “let´s learn from each other”. The workshop revealed a wide range of research and topics that have a lot of impact.

The studies presented dealt with a targeted innovative rehabilitating meals-on-wheels service for old people, findings of the Breakfast Club study, that  involves residents in nursing homes in food related activities and Creating caring spaces , a study that has focus on mealtime interventions in nursing homes. Also results of the Meal Aspects 2.0  study – 20 years later, and Agefood 2.0 study (elderly persons ́ food services in changing environments) were covered. In addition food and nutrition science at LNU and Stavanger´s Cognitive Lab at UiS and also Finnish Food recommendations for older adults were presented.

Presentations rise vivid conversations and produced ideas on which put the accent in future. Understanding Nordic perspective acquires attention; remote areas, best practices supporting healthy eating, participation and socializing are of primary concern. Supporting joint curriculum development and sharing already available materials were also emphasized. Based on what was learned it is interesting to head towards project´s second work shop in the Fall.

Text: Sari Ranta, Xamk