Mannerheim’s Saloon Car VR is here!

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Xamk Game Studios, and the ARMikkeli project have published Mannerheim’s Saloon Car VR in collaboration with Muisti Centre of War and Peace and Mikkeli City Museums. This application allows its user to visit Mannerheim’s Saloon Car in virtual reality and to explore old items, documents, photo albums, film clips, and even listen to historical radio broadcasts. It is possible to choose from two languages: English or Finnish.

Marshal Mannerheim’s Saloon Car is the train carriage that was used by Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim and his personnel in 1939-1946. Mannerheim was the commander-in-chief of Finland’s defense forces during World War II, and later he became the president of Finland. During the winter war between Finland and Soviet Union, Mannerheim traveled nearly 79 000 kilometers with the train. This historical train carriage is currently located in Mikkeli, Finland, where it can be visited once a year on June 4th.

The application is now available as a free download for Meta Quest series VR glasses on Meta App Lab:

Download Mannerheim’ Saloon Car VR on Meta App Lab

Another version of the application is now available for on Steam. It will also run on PC VR glasses (e.g. HP Reverb, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Valve Index)

Download Mannerheim’s Saloon Car VR on Steam

You can watch the trailer of Mannerheim’s Saloon Car VR below:

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