Developing youth services that support youth employment in sparsely populated areas by means of digitalization, gamification and entrepreneurship.


Youth unemployment is high in South Savo and Finland as well as all over Europe. NEET youth (youth not in employment, education or training) living in sparsely populated areas have a high risk of becoming excluded from the labour market and society. NEET youth living in both urban and rural communities in sparsely populated areas need special support in getting an education and employment as well as reaching public services and support system aimed at youth employment.

The project is carried out in South Savonia with transnational cooperation with a partner project in Lithuania.

Project objectives

The project enhances youth employment in sparsely populated areas of Eastern Finland and other European regions by local and regional development, international experience exchange and service modelling. The project will develop and test different methods of online employment services for young people living in sparsely populated areas. The project will develop new tools and services: online youth workshop, games that support employment, online coaching and entrepreneurship coaching.

Project results

The project results are better employment possibilities and entrepreneurial attitude of young people in sparsely populated areas. The working-life skills of youth will develop. The services provided for young people in sparsely populated areas will broaden and the participation of youth in services will become easier. The competences and expertise of professionals working with young people will grow.

The project is coordinated by Juvenia – Youth Research and Development Centre and the national project partner is Otavia (formerly Otava Folk High School).

Project PUBlications (ENG)

Susan Eriksson: Digital Applications on Youth Employment Services

Starter Toolkit / Cities and Regions of Learning:


More info

XAMK / Juvenia

Jussi Ronkainen
Juvenia Researc Unit Director
+358 50 312 4983


National partner:
Heikki Koponen
Otavia (Otava Folk High School)
+35844 794 5307



01.05.2017 - 31.05.2020


Administrator: South-Eastern University of Applied Sciences

Partial implementers: Otavia

Other partners: Nectarus

Fields of expertise: Sustainable well-being
XAMK research centers: Juvenia


Total budget: 682 058 €

XAMK part of the total budget: 579 564  €

Financiers and main source of funding: Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Southern Savonia, European Union Social Fund