Towards Safer Alarm Driving is a research and development project aiming to improve the safety of alarm driving by increasing knowledge via research and education. The research section of this project aims to examine the current state of the ambulance alarm driving culture and the impact of education concentrating on safety issues. The purpose of the development section of this project is to create an additional educational course aiming to improve safety of alarm driving. The course is targeted for paramedics already in working life, and ambulance simulator ( will be used as a learning environment of the pilot course. The project aims to share the information generated by the project nationwide. With increasing knowledge more attention could be paid to alarm driving safety in workplaces and during the education of future paramedics.

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Anssi Koski
+358 44 702 8454

Hilla Sumanen
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Towards Safer Alarm Driving

1 January 2018 – 31 December 2019

Project partners

Lead partner: South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

Focus areas: Sustainable wellbeing


Total budget: € 100000

XAMK part of the total budget: € 50000

Financiers and main source of funding: Trafi - Liikenteen turvallisuusvirasto

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