Library rules in effect from August 1, 2013

The present rules concern the Library and Learning Technology Services of South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences Ltd (hereafter referred to as the library). South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences Ltd is the common owner of a strategic unit comprised of the Kymenlaakso and Mikkeli Universities of Applied Sciences. Together the three form the framework organization of the library. The library operates in Kotka, Kouvola, Mikkeli, and Savonlinna.

The library supports teaching, learning, and RDI activities by providing printed and electronic resources, interlibrary loan and information services, training in information retrieval, and a learning environment that supports independent learning. Different kinds of devices and appliances may also be available for loan in the library.


The library is open to all. Some services, however, may only be available for the students and staff of the framework organization of the library. The electronic resources supplied by the library are available to all customers when used on the library premises. The students and staff of the framework organization can also access the electronic resources remotely using their institution’s network login details. When electronic resources are used, agreements made with the publishers, vendors, or suppliers of the electronic resources will be complied with.

Customers will lose their right to borrow material if they have unpaid fees or unreturned loans. The right to borrow material can be reinstated by paying the due fees and returning the overdue material.

Customers will lose their right to use the library if they intentionally destroy library property, intentionally misuse licensed electronic resources violating license agreements, or disturb other library customers or library operations. A customer’s right to use the library can be restored by the Library Manager.


Customers need a library card to borrow material. The library card can be obtained from the library by registering as a customer and presenting an identity card with a photo.

Customers commit themselves to following the library rules by signing a customer information form. Any card can be registered as a library card if legally and technically possible. The library card is personal and its owner is responsible for all material borrowed with it. Customers must immediately inform the library if their library card goes missing to prevent fraudulent use. If a report of loss hasn’t been made, or it is delayed, the library card holder is responsible for all material borrowed with the card.

Customers must promptly notify the library about change of name or address information.


The library issues material for home loan. Part of the material is intended for in-library use only. The loan periods can be found on the library web pages. The library may change the loan periods and set limits to the material lent out.


Customers can renew their loans as long as they haven’t lost their right to borrow material and there are no reservations for the loans. The number of renewals possible can be found on the library web pages. Customers can also make reservations for library material. Reserved material will be held for one week.


Customers must return their loans to the library or renew them by their due date. The library sends reminders to customers of the approaching due dates of their loans and two reminders indicating that a loan is overdue. The sending of reminders does not transfer responsibility from customers to the library for the prompt return or renewal of loans. An overdue fine is charged for material returned after the due date. If customers do not return overdue loans despite the reminders, the library will charge them the overdue fines and the full replacement costs.


The library supplies interlibrary loans from national and foreign libraries in accordance with valid interlibrary loan guidelines and regulations. In addition, the library supplies inter unit loans and loans to partner libraries.


All customers are welcome to use the library premises and equipment. When using them, customers must follow given instructions. The library is not responsible for customers’ possessions brought onto library premises.

The organization maintaining the library is not liable for any damage to customers’ appliances caused by borrowed material, nor is the organization responsible for any damage the library appliances may cause to a third party.


Borrowing from the library’s own collections, use of the collections within the library, and use of library catalogs are free of charge (Decree on fees rendered for UAS activities 1230/2009, in Finnish).

The library collects fees for overdue material, interlibrary loans, information services, and possible other services according to a price list. A valid price list can be found in the library and on the library web pages.

In addition, customers must compensate for lost or damaged library material, the renewal of a missing or damaged library card, and all additional costs caused by the recovery of library material. If compensation for lost or damaged library material has to be recovered by means of legal proceedings, customers are liable for the legal expenses with collection costs.


Customers are welcome to give feedback on the library services and operations to the library staff or to designated suggestion boxes, or electronically via the library web pages or regularly held customer surveys. Customers can also make library acquisition requests.


The customer register of the library only includes information needed for library operations. By virtue of the Finnish Personal Data Act, customers have the right to verify information concerning them stored in the customer register. The library has the right to use customers’ personal identity numbers in its customer register (Personal Data Act 523/1999, Section 13).


The present library rules are in effect from August 1, 2013. They have been confirmed by the Boards of Directors of the Mikkeli and Kymenlaakso Universities of Applied Sciences on June 18, 2013 and August 26, 2013.

Library charges


Overdue fine

Maximum fee

0,30 €/item/device/day

10 €/item/device

Resrvation fee free

  • Postage fee is charged from outside customers
1 €/item
Renewal of lost or damaged library card 5 €
Interlibrary loans – students

Interlibrary loans – outside customers

fee of the library sending

search fee 5 € + fee of the library sending

Interlibray loans to other libraries

  • in Finland
  • in other countries
10 €/loan
20 €/loan
Task of a library expert 68,20 €/h
Teaching of information management skills

  • Fee is charged from outside customers
68,20 €/h