48h WasteLess Hackathon

Are you interested in sustainable living? Do you want to create more awareness around recycling or circular economy?

WasteLess Hackathon is looking for teams and individuals to hack the challenges. The goal is to create new ideas and digital solutions to the companies and how they could reduce waste, create more awareness for recycling and for circular economy and promote the community’s and individual’s actions towards sustainability.

The event allows you to gain more experience, challenge yourself, network and – of course – have a lot of fun! After the event you should have an idea that is well developed and a demo to share.


Choose from the challenges:

#Replay: Develop a game, that encourages and teaches primary school students to recycle and to live by green values. Guide kids to adapt to sustainable values and to circular economy by gamification. The target group is primary school pupils and the game can be used in class.

#Reimpact: Develop a prototype that engages and encourages people to make more sustainable choices in life. The target is to get more communal effectiveness. The solution can be an app or a game. Solutions that implement crowdsourcing, ie. activating work communities, is seen as a plus.


Why should you join?

  • Free food and drink during the event – 48h of carefree brainstorming!
  • Additional programs, top speakers and great company!
  • Networking with experts and other like-minded people
  • Unique learning experience
  • Participation to the event is free of charge
  • You’ll get credits*

The event is supported by Kotkamills, Kymenlaakson Jäte Oy and Goodwill.


See the full schedule here


For any questions, email Anne-Mari, anne-mari.vuoksi@xamk.fi, or Maarit, maarit.vahvanen@xamk.fi

Registration has closed. In order to queue to the event pass e-mail maarit.vahvanen@xamk.fi. 


*Participants can get 5 credits, if they register in Peppi and return assignments in Moodle. You can also join the event if you don’t want extra credits. The assignments can be found on Moodle. The pre-assignments are to get to know 3-5 apps related to the topics and make notes about one article listed. Before the event you should attend the Prehack Workshop 10.10. (online), where you’ll get information about hackathons in general. After the event there will be Posthack Workshop 17.10. (online) and deadline for the peer evaluation and feedback report. 

NOTE! Discuss with your studies coordinator about the placement of the credits in your PSP Personal Study Plan.