It’s happening on 23. – 24.4.2019 in Mikpoli, Mikkeli campus of South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences. Save the date now and prepare to modernize the way buildings are designed.

NOTE!      This time hackathon is in Finnish, but if necessary, instructions are also available in English.

NOTE!       Mikpoli is closed for the night from 23:00 to 8.00. You can’t stay there. Participants will take care of their accommodation.





Sign up for a hackathon by emailing to:

Markku Rossi

Put at least your name and contact information in the message, and if you already know the challenge you have chosen. The whole team can sign up with the same email.



The challenges have been developed together with our partners. They are based on real-world problems that we want to solve. Challenges can be found for experts in various fields (for example, construction technology, programming, design, business, etc.). All the challenges are somehow related to the gamification of buildings or virtual environments with game engines.

Track 01:        Gamification of a building or other object with game engines (Unreal Engine or Unity) utilizing ready-made platforms (Virrake or RedHal) developed in XAMK R & D projects. Alternatively, gamification can be implemented entirely without the need for ready-made platforms.

Track 02:     Utilizing open data in virtual construction. For example, the 3D model of the center of Mikkeli.

Track 03:        New ideas for utilizing the Virrake platform. Ideas can cover the entire life cycle of a building. It is also possible to develop a service and business plan for the Virrake platform; How to commercialize the Virrake platform.

Open track: Choose some own challenge related for gamification and / or virtual environments. Find a solution to your challenge.


Funding:       European Regional Development Fund by Business Finland.

Partners:          Rakennusliike U. Lipsanen Oy, Arkkitehtitoimisto Art Michael Oy, Insinööritoimisto Jennacon Oy, Oy U-Cont Ltd., XAMK.



The venue for hackathon will be the XAMK programming classes (MA215 / second floor) in Mikpoli, Patteristonkatu 2, Mikkeli. However, some stuff, e.g. lunches take place elsewhere. See below for the details.

Tuesday 23.4.

09:00 – 10:30 Registration
ps. there is coffee 😊
Mikpoli  MA215
Opening session (open for everyone)


Introductions and practical info

Jörg Hansmann , Rakennusliike U. Lipsanen Oy

Markku Rossi, Xamk

Juha Ojala, Xamk

Jukka Selin, Xamk

Esa Hannus, Xamk

Mikko Lampi, Xamk

Mikpoli  MA215
10.30 – 12.30 Hacking starts !

Team building session (10.30)

Mikpoli  MA215
(12.30 – 13.30) Lunch at your own pace Campus restaurants
13.30 – 21.00 Hack it ! Mikpoli  MA215
21.00 – 22.00 Late foodstuffs & refreshments Mikpoli
22.00 The Hackathon pauses for a good night’s sleep 😊

Wednesday 24.4.

09:00 – 16:00 Hack it !    

(12.30-13.30 Lunch at your own pace in campus restaurants)

Mikpoli  MA215
16:00 – 18:00 Presentations and demos from the competitors to the Judges and to the audience. Mikpoli  MA215
18.00 – 19.00 Feedback from the Judges and finding out the Winning Team ! There are Prizes to be won. 😊 Mikpoli MA215
19.00 – Returning to our more boring everyday routines


Speakers and Tutors :

Jukka Selin , Principal Lecturer , Data processing education, Xamk
Juha Ojala , IT Specialist, Digital Economy, Xamk
Esa Hannus , RDI Specialist,  Digitan Economy, Xamk
Mikko Lampi, Research Manager, Open Innovation Specialist, Digital Economy, Xamk
Markku Rossi , Project Manager, Digital Economy, Xamk
Jörg Hansmann, Development Engineer, U. Lipsanen Oy



Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send email:

Markku Rossi



A hackathon is an inspiring, entertaining, and multidisciplinary event where people with different skills and knowledge join forces to solve real life problems and compete for the prizes. It’s a place for programmers, designers, engineers, researchers, business developers, marketers, visionaries and all kinds of curious people. It’s an exploration into technology and being awesome.

The Virrake Hack event was developed in collaboration with engineers and architects from the construction industry. The digitalization is moving currently fast in this industry sector. The potential for raising efficiency is large, because the yearly volume of the Finnish construction of buildings, excluding homes, is 5 million cubic meters of built space. The investments to building in Finland is 29 billion Euros yearly. It is over 10% of the Gross National Product. The value for making this industry more efficient is exceptionally high. Jump on the wagon !