Perhaps the most exciting part of my summer job is about to become reality as I start my car in Helsinki’s Kallio early in the morning. It feels like today’s going to be another hot summer day but at 7 a.m. you can still feel the night’s crisp air. I’m about to take off to King’s Road with my new co-worker. Our plan is to shoot videos and photograph tourist attractions for the King’s Road project’s first pilot. Before leaving Helsinki we stop by the office to collect our equipment and sooner than we realise we are already on a highway to our first attraction in Porvoo.

In Porvoo we find ourselves surrounded by idyllic red houses by the Postimäki outdoor museum. The 360 degree camera does all the work for us inside these tiny cottages as we enjoy the sunrays and fresh country air. I could have stayed longer admiring the beautiful scenery but six more attractions were still waiting for us so we decided to hit the road again. Soon we arrive at a beautiful medieval Pernaja church where we have a nice summer guide greeting us. It is nice and chilly inside the church and it feels like time has stopped inside these walls. I listen as the guide tells me fascinating stories about the church and I even get to surprise myself with childlike enthusiasm about the church’s history.

Next we decided to find a place to have lunch in Loviisa. We are ahead of schedule and have plenty of time to sit down on a sunny terrace. A small break felt good and with new energy we drove around to see Loviisa’s different attractions. We made it in time to Komendant’s house which was emptied of other guests for our visit. As my co-worker sets up the camera I wander around the exhibition and admire the museum’s old clothing and strange objects. Before leaving we shoot a few videos of the Komendant’s garden that has a collection of old useful plants from the 18th and 19th century.

We have reserved a room from Strömfors ironworks area which is packed with places to explore. We shoot a beautiful white wooden church and an old ironworks museum. When the evening sets I decide to go swimming and drive around the King’s road. As I’m driving, a realisation sets in: I know most of these places and their history! I don’t tell anyone but inside I feel a little proud of myself.

The next morning looks as bright as the one before and we head to the next destination early again. The first place to shoot is located in Langinkoski, The Imperial Fishing Lodge and the magnificent rapids scenery surrounding the lodge. From Kotka we continue driving to Kiviniemi estate, where we are warmly welcomed by the estate’s host. She shows us around the grounds and we can’t help but stare at the luxurious gardens.

The last attraction is just five minutes from Hamina city centre, Merchant’s house museum. We get to roam in the empty museum and take our time to get familiar with the newest exhibition. The museum consists of over 15 different rooms and each has their own unique theme. We photograph the rooms briskly and I buy some candy for the way home from the museum’s small boutique. It feels good to drive back to Helsinki in an airconditioned car as the new summer hits blast on the radio.