Marat Iangaliev graduated 18th of December as Bachelor of Business Administration, Digital International Business (BBA). Iangaliev participated the Xamk graduation ceremony by distance.

Thank you for inviting me to tell some words about my feelings related to this graduation ceremony. As I think, COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions, associated with that have shifted the way we communicate right now, but I really hope that it won’t destroy the atmosphere of this ceremony. Indeed, the feelings are mixed: I am going to turn the page of my life, but I am going to miss our student parties, student discounts and doing assignments at nights before the deadlines. During studies, I have met some really cool people who helped me to succeed in my life, including ones whom I met on online courses through other UAS. That is something you cannot forget! Personally I have studied marketing as my major, and during the last year I have taken courses for students who study logistics. And I think that the most important studies were related to Finnish language and culture, as they significantly helped me with finding employment. That’s why I am thankful to my Finnish language teachers that gave me the basics of that language!


And this day is especially unusual for me, as today I have my birthday, and I am happy to spend it amongst people of XAMK. I hope that we are going to be in touch and I wish good luck to everyone in such desperate times! Hyvää valmistumisjuhlat kaikille!


Best regards,